I wonder if there are any other countries with vending machine with coffee or not.

Is it unusual or usual??

While I was walking in Nara with Slyvain on Monday, I just noticed that French vending machines do not have coffee.

After Todaiji temple, we went to a restaurant to eat.
Here is happy Sylvain with tea in his hand and our meals~~~~~!
I had the one in the middle photo (sashimi, raw fish Tofu, miso soup set ), Sylvain had the right one (chirashi zushi and nyumen noodle set).

Sylvain wanted to have a cup of coffee after the meal, but it cost 300 – 400yen so we left the restaurant and walking on the street.

I suggested him why not have the one of vending machine and pointed out the coffee at a vending machine on the street. He said he does not have coffee in vending machine in France. What they have is like coke and stuffs like that.

I tried to remember how that was in the US. I do remember they had coke but cannot really remember coffee. They probably had one comes with paper cups but not so sure about in the cans.

Do they???

Here are coffees in a vending machine. Red color at the bottom of the can means hot and blue cold.
I have been told from one of my German friends that cold coffee is weird……. Is it——?!?!

Will write a bit more on this in the next post!!

~ to be continued :p ~

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