I provide services to help people outside Japan to purchase goods from Japan.

Fee structure

Total of your purchaseRate
1 – 5,000yen1,000yen
5,001 – 50,000yen20%

Use paypal for the payment. The payment will be in Japanese YEN.

Please note that all the fee such as paypal fee, shipping and bank fee will be asked you to pay.

Please kindly note that for those auction sites such as Yahuoku and mbok,
I ask fees separately from sellers.

ex) If you buy 2 items from 2 different sellers, and the item are lower than 5,000yen,
your fee would be 1,000 * 2 = 2,000yen.

This is because I would need to send messages and send money separately to the seller.
On the Japanese auction sites those processes are not automated so the seller and buyer need to write back and forth several time. So if you can find a seller with many items you want, you can save your fee.

On the other hand, on if you buy stuffs from Amazon market place (Amazon’s second handed items),
I only charge 100yen from the second seller (for the first seller it always stays at 1,000yen), since on Amazon, those processes are automated and what I do is open and check the parcel I received and repack it.

All the necessary fee to purchase the goods such as the shipping, bank fees are asked you to pay.

For purchases from Yahuoku (Yahoo Auction Japan), the purchase from the same seller in certain period (if you tell me to bid on your order) will be considered as one purchase.

For the international shipping refer this page for your reference or feel free to contact me if there are any questions.
If there are someone who recommended my service to you, let me know who that was if that is not a trouble so I can
thank that person when I get the chance (^-^).
(If you leave the comment at the bottom of this page, it will work too. Sometimes email sent back from me ended up
in your spam box so leaving a comment here seems to prevent that happens.)
The economic air (SAL) would be the cheapest with speed if the service is available to your country.

H!P FC goods purchase

Total of your purchaseRate
1 – 5,000yen1,000yen
5,001 – 50,000yen20%

For H!P fan club goods purchase, the necessary fee besides my fee is shipping and bank fee and it will be
850yen (if you are buying only one item) or 1,100yen (if you are buying more than one item).

When the Goods name on the table is different, the orders need to be placed separately so the fee will be separate as well.

Please note that for the FC goods, it usually takes a couple of months to be delivered.

You can contact me from my facebook page as well or see the feedbacks.

Ticket booking

For ticket booking, I have different rate since the work I do is different.
If the ticket can be bought from an online site with no special steps the rate will be the same with other stuffs which is 20%.

For the pre-order that we do not know if we win it or not and the ticket booking requires phone calls or going to an actual shop such as convenience store would be different.

Ticket pre-order via
ticket booking site or
fan club site.
1,000yenWe do not know if we win or not.
The 1,000yen will not be returned even if we did not win.
Ticket booking
requires phone calls or going to a store
1,500yenBoth phone calls and convenience store need to make action at a certain time of a certain day.
The phone calls, I will need to pay the phone bill.If there are a choice to go to a convenience store for booking I will try to go there to book since it has more chance to grab the ticket from my experience.
There are concerts that only allow booking via phone for the first 10 some hours.


My translation service is mainly for short personal letters to your friend or idol.
For English into Japanese, minimum charge 1,000yen (up to 90 words).
For 1-5 pages (180 words are counted as 1 page) translation, hand me the material at least 8 days prior to your due.
If it is less time then I will ask 1,000yen or 20~50% additional fee for the priority translation depending on the situation. If the content involves technical terms, I will also ask additional fee since there will be research needed
along with the translation.
If there are too many orders at the time, I may not be able to take it so please kindly note that.

The first 90 words I ask 1,000yen, however the charge will be per word so if your letter is 200 words then the total will be 2,222yen.

English wordsRate
180 words

I worked as a translator for 5 years on my 20s and published a book in 1998.

Special shipping services

I usually use international shipping services provided by Japan Post.
On your request, I will handle with services such as DHL and FedEx.
With those services, I will need to make some documents and use pick up service unlike with Japan Post, so I will ask 2,000yen for the handling fee.

List of popular sites

If you want to check out the popular Japanese sites that people often buy from, here are the list.

  • Yahuoku (old name : Yahoo! Auction Japan) — Japan No.1 auction site
  • mbok — Can be said Japan No.2 auction site
  • Amazon.co.jp — World famous Amazon.com Japan version
  • Wanibooks Special Edition (former Wanibooks Online) — famous for photo books with special extra such as autograph
  • mu-mo shop — Variety of official goods and stuffs of Japanese musicians
  • cd japan — A site provides Japanese stuffs internationally
  • e-LineUP! — Upfront Agency online shop (H!P related)
  • Hello! Project Official Web Store — H!P official shop
  • H!P fan club — Hello! Project fan club site
    since I have a membership, I can help you buy FC official stuffs if you like
    you can leave the comment if you are interested.
  • ASMART — A cool site with bunch of J-pop idols and artists good!!
  • 7 net shopping — Many kind of goods including idol, anime, Disney, Pokemon etc.
  • VAP — Variety of goods on music, anime etc.
  • MachineGuns — A shop with strength on toy, figure, gachas.
  • Disney store — Disney online store.
  • Premium Bandai — Bandai official online store for kids through adult.
  • LaLaBit Market — Bandai Character item online store
  • Happinet Online — Another Bandai online store.
  • Sanrio — Cute character shop such as Hello! Kitty, My Melody
  • e-Plus — One of the most popular online ticket shop.
  • Ticket Pia — One of the most popular online ticket shop.
  • Lawson ticket — Lawson ticket selling site
  • Ticket Ryutsu — Ticket reselling site
  • UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE — CD, DVD and other music related item shop
  • Dengekiya — Game, application, manga and amine online shop
  • Book Off Online — Online shop of a well known Japanese second handed books and CDs etc chain “Book Off”
  • Surugaya — Secondhanded shop for CD, DVD, book and all the other things
  • MUVUS — Music & entertainment online store deals artists’ fan club and event related extra along with the original product
  • XiDEA — Online shop for XiDEA related artist goods
  • MORA — Music download site

The list above is just for your reference and it is not that I can only buy stuffs from above sites ;)!!
I can buy things almost anything out there online and forward them to you, so feel free to let me know!
For those need to be done actual shopping at a real store need to talk first and if I can do it.

Shopping at actual shops

I mainly help with shops online but can help with actual shop if you like.
I ask 1,500yen minimum fee + transport fare.
Need to talk on this one if you want.
Minimum fee & transport fare differs depends on where I am doing.
I am currently living in Hiroshima, Japan for your reference.

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