Hi! Just thought about copy and pasting the questions I got on Morning Musume ’18 66th single (“Furari Ginza/Jiyu na Kuni dakara”) cheki and handshake events.

You might have the same questions as she had, right ;)?!

How to book the cheki and handshake?

We apply on the site forTUNE music.
It will be lottery. They run several rounds for us to apply.
The earlier rounds tend to have more choices on the events to apply for. The chance of winning the lottery is quite high.

How much do I pay for one cheki?

I will ask you to make full payment on applying.

  • The payment for one cheki is 7,069yen. (5,616yen for the box set, 1,123yen my fee (20% of the 5,616yen) + paypal fee)

If you did not win the lottery then the difference subtracting my fee and paypal fee will be refunded to you. If you want to use it to apply for the next round, you can do that as well.

For the international shipping, I will let you know when I receive the CDs after the single release with the actual amount.

Is handshake included in cheki?

OK. This time, there are 5 types of events in total.

  1. 3-4 shot cheki
  2. 2 shot cheki
  3. solo autograph, handshake & talk
  4. group cheki
  5. solo handshake

The event types are different on dates that are held. For detailed info on MM ’18 66th single release events, please refer this page on forTUNE music.

Are all the events cost me the same?

For event a) ~ d) (a) 3-4 shot cheki, b) 2 shot cheki, c) solo autograph, handshake & talk, d) group cheki), the price are all the same. 7,069yen.

For event e) solo handshake is different.
You only need to buy one single CD which is 2,742yen (1,080yen for the CD, 1,000yen for my fee (1,000yen is my minimum fee) + 510yen for inside Japan shipping + paypal fee), but you cannot choose who you get handshake with. There will be different groups of choice and you need to choose one from them. You don’t know whose handshake you get until you receive the CD.

Are we limited to participate to one cheki or can we participate to as much chekies as we want in the day?

There is a limit but not only one. We can apply upto 5 box sets for 1 event.

For 3-4 shot chekis, do I get to choose members?

Yes. There are several groups with 2 or 3 members. So you can choose a group with your favorite idols.

To check who is with who, please see this forTUNE music 3-4 shot cheki page.

Is there anything else I should know of?

For solo handshake, you only need to buy one CD for applying however, it will be a draw from the group.
Meaning, they separate the members into several group such as
Group x = Ikuta Erina, Ishida Ayumi, Oda Sakura
If you want Ikuta Erina solo handshake and buy a CD, you will not know whose you get from the 3 members until you receive the CD.
I believe there will be no name on the ticket for this solo handshake, so you can buy out from auction site if you prefer it.

OK! Will add more info if there are any questions asked ;)!!

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