Hello everyone!

How are you doing?


It is middle of the night here in Japan at 2:45 me woke up from my long 5 hour

nap at mid night and writing a blog here :p :p :p.

How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty awesome!!


I met up with Ho-kun, Kai-kun, Phil on Friday May 9th!

Here is the photo of us at a very nice Japanese restaurant, “Kasuga” near JR Nara station.

From left to right, Ho-kun, me, Kai-kun, Phil and some food at the middle XD!

Ho-kun, Me, Kai-kun, Phil at a nice Japanese restaurant in Nara


It was SO MUCH FUN to meet up with you guys

Ho-kun, Kai-kun, Phil!


Thank you SO VERY MUCH for coming to see me in Nara!!!

I was super surprised when I heard when Ho-kun said (actually messaged

me via facebook)

“We are going to Shinagawa now to take the train” around 2pm on Friday.

I went

“Eh? Shinagawa? Shinagawa you mean Shinagawa in TOKYO?!?!?!?!”

It was Shinagawa in Tokyo.

I was super surprised that you guys are coming all the way from Tokyo to meet

me in Nara.

Thank you SO VERY MUCH! I felt SO LOVED!!!!!!

This is the 3 guys in Shinkansen heading to Nara XD!

In Shinkansen


We eventually met up at JR Nara station a little before 6pm.

Moved to the restaurant “Kasuga” straight away.

On the way to the restaurant and of course at the restaurant we talked

over a lot of stuffs on music, food, things about the countries we all are from etc etc.

It was just really fun being with so happy 3 people!

For Phil, it was the 9TH TIME for him to come to Japan!

He is an expert traveler.

For Kai-kun, this is the 4th time and for Ho-kun this is the 3rd :).

So happy to hear that how you love Japan (*^^*).


This is the sushi we ate. It was SO DELICIOUS!!!

I need to go back and eat this again!!

Sushi at restaurant Kasuga


We also ordered “Tenpura mori (the left photo)”,

“Mentaiko dashi maki (walleye pollack roe rolled by egg, the right photo)”,

Tenpura Mentaiko-maki

“Umaki (eel rolled by egg)” and some others.

We could only chat about less than 2 hours since they needed to go back to Tokyo,

but it was a lot fun.

Really thank you very much Ho-kun, Kai-kun, Phil!!


Here are some photos of the guys at yesterday’s event they attended!

This one is the photo before the event.


Ready to roll for the cheki events


The chekis with idols!!!



Kai-kun and Phil will be leaving Japan for this time today.

Ho-kun has some more days to go!

Safe trip back to the countries today Kai-kun & Phil and let’s meet up

in November or December when you come back!!




Phil, thanks for the souvenir!

The first Macaron in my life from you (^0^)/~~! Oishii!!!

Macaron from Phil



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