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Last Saturday, I met up with Ethan from France in Osaka.

He had 2 Berryz Kobo concerts that day at NHK Osaka hall.

Arrived to JR Osaka station a little bit past 11am and emailed Ethan is now (it was our first time to meet in person, even we knew what we look like via facebook). When I picked up my phone and tried to phone his number, I saw someone with red gloves with phone in his hand!!

“Hey~ Ethan~~~!” “Oh Nozomi?” we eventually heading to the same exit without noticing XDD.

We did the nice to meet you time of greeting saying “hajime mashite~” and Ethan told me he has a place that he could take me for lunch.


This is the photo taken at the Osaka station while we are moving from JR Osaka to subway station.

I have live in Osaka for several years, but I am kind of person never be good at memorizing good places to eat and directions, it was nice that Ethan knew some places. It is kind of odd though, when I see my friends oversea, sometimes they know more about the area than I do lol.


This is the Soba restaurant ”Sobakiri Tsutaya” that Ethan took me. Very cozy Japanese looking restaurant.
The restaurant was on kind of hidden street and looked like known by those who know kind of place. Could be famous since there are so many people in line.

DSC_0464 DSC_0465

The left is what I ate and the right is Ethan with his dish :D.

The restaurant serves many kind of soba noodle and soba noodle seems to be their strength but I really liked that soup! It was duck soap (hot) and eat the noodle dipped in the soup like the photo below.


It was quite windy that day so the hot soup really pleased me.

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