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This is Nozomi.
I am Japanese, love associating with people from other countries.

Since I studied in the US for about 10 months when I was 16, I believe the friendship of ordinary people between countries leads world peace.

Having friends you care just like your family or neighbored friends in other countries, you would care if something bad likely to happen between your country and that country

It is really wonderful to see Internet connect people all over the world now :).

I provide services to help people from other countries buy stuffs from Japan.
I really enjoy it. I can meet a lot of people through my business, be able to become friends. I really love it.

I started this business back in 2003 when one of my friends via a blog I had back then asked me to send him 3 CDs of his favorite Japanese band that he could not find anywhere in London. It all started there.

I just went to a music store and ordered the CDs, get back there a week later and forwarded the CDs to him. He got SO HAPPY and took the photos of the parcel, CDs and uploaded them to his blog with a sweet message.

Unfortunately I lost contact with him and many other people who were close on the 20six, after the site had major change. I still have contact with some people but not Nick.
If you come to this blog by any chance Nick, do let me know!
You are the one who gave me the chance and idea to start this. * hug *

If you are interested in my service, you can check my fee structures here, so please take a look! Contact me if you find interest!

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