On April 8th Monday, I had a friend from France came over to Nara.
I know him through a facebook group of idol fans.

We had some incidents before meeting up, but could meet up at JR Nara station a bit past 11 in Monday morning.

Got a guide map at the tourist information, asked where to go (aha! I do not know much about it even I live here for 2 years now :p :p :p and this is really famous place for sightseeing).

We were suggested to go to Todaiji temple, five storied pagoda of Kofukuji temple and Kasuga taisha shrine.

So we headed to Todaiji first walking through the famous Nara park where you can see deer all over.

We got to the Todaiji temple, ask a man to take a photo of us. Cheese :D.

Then approach the temple.
Inside the temple, the big building behind us on above photo, there is the guy sitting.

Yes, this guy.

The Great Buddha.

This photo does not have anything to have for size comparison, but this Buddha is pretty BIG! 14.7m high. Hum it does not sound very big if it is said like that but pretty big if you see it at the site.

~~ to be continued ~~

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