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Since Dina mentioned that writing post on 100yen shop would be a good idea a while ago,
and also my buddy Ariel is coming to Japan soon so

I am writing about 100yen shop today!


If you want to see what kind of stuffs you can buy at, Daiso
one of the big 100yen chain shop English homepage is good to check.

This is the photo of the Japanese category of Daiso English page. Pretty cool, isn’t it?!?!


At 100yen shop,
you can buy everything in 105yen (=/= a dollar or a Euro).

There are some items with sticker saying 210yen or 315yen and such
so you need to be a bit careful at some of the 100yen shops,
but basically everything is in 100yen. Very cool!



Here below are the list of 100yen shop chains.

There seems to be several logos for each shop though, I will paste the one looks more popular here below.

 logo_daiso 1) Daiso,to find the close shop from where you are you cancheck it here if you know Japanese….
 Cando_logo 2) Can Do,shop search here if you know Japanese
 Seria_logo 3) Seria,shop search here if you know Japanese
 Tokutokuya_logo 4) Tokutokuya,shop search here if you know Japanese seems only in Tokyo, Hyogo, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Shimane and Nagasaki at the moment.
 meetsSilk_logo 5) Watts,shop search here if you know Japanese


The former 3 are more popular than the latter two.

I found a really nice site that explain about all the 100yen shop here.

You might want to read this site as well!


There are blog ranking pages where you can see the list of blog sites which white about 100yen shop items, check them out if you are interested. Click on the titles in bold would lead you to each blog site ;).

  1. 100yen kinitsu (flat 100yen) hand made blog ranking
  2. 100yen kinitsu goods blog ranking No.1
  3. 100yen kinitsu goods blog ranking No.2


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Twfik · February 29, 2016 at 8:26 am

hwahahaaa we have Daiso stores too in Indonesia :Dverrryyy cute & affdroable, but everytime we shop there, in the end we’re over budget coz we buy too much cutey items 😛

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