Hi there! How are you doing today?


As I wrote about the idol curries the other day,

had pretty much interests in the curries and umeboshi on facebook XD. Thank you every one~!


Your comments always make me happy (*^^*)!! Arigato ne!


Since I read a comment from Sabrina who is now studying Japan,

is experiencing some tiredness in our HOT SUMMER,

I am going to write about cooling goods hope to help you out with it Sabrina-chan!!

Everyone wants to spend days with certain comfort!


As I wrote on the previous post,

Since I am living in an apartment 2nd floor on two storied building,

it gets really hot in this room

so as I would dehydrated by just napping without air conditioner ;____:.


So this year, I am using more air conditioner and also

n e c k  c o o l e r

along with the air conditioner. I am sure it will help you too if you have not been using it.


There are several kinds with different prices.

Those 100yen shops (like dollar shop in English) have them too and so as super market,

convenience store, almost anywhere during the summer.


I have three. Using 2 of them at home.

The other one, I bought to use outside last month since I had an activity

with nearby elementary school kids.


Here are the 3 I have.


Neck coolers I have


Haha, it is not really fancy picture :p :p :p.


The upper 2 are the thermal gel ones


Thermal Gels for neck cooler


Freeze it in the freezer before using it and put it into the cover when you use it.


The one I bought this year for using outside is called Magicool.

This one does not require freezing beforehand.

You would just need some water to soak the Magicool in before the usage.


I think this one was the most expensive among the 3 and was more or less 1,000yen….

and worked well.

I played with the elementary kids about 2.5 hours and I did not need to soak it again during the time.


If you are interested in the mechanism check this video out ;).



I am not sure if you call this thing really neck cooler in English but we call it “neck cooler”.

It would be in Katanaka desu :D. It would look like this below ne.


Neck Cooler in Japanese Katakana


OK, have a great one everybody~~~~~! <3 


P.S. Try to eat umeboshi or necchu-sho taisaku candy (preventing heat stroke candy)

along with water or drink pacari sweat to balance your body water and ion too!

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