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In my live venue posts, I use a word “No. of Front Row Audience” so thought about explaining the word.

While I search live venue names, many people use the word “Saizen wari (can literally be translated as “Front row allocation”, but I think “No. of Front Row Audience” is more direct and easy to understand)” combined with live venue name so thought it may be useful to add this info on the live venue info table.

OK, let’s think this is a live venue.


There are a vocalist and a guitarist on the stage and lower part is the audience area.

The front row allocation is where I marked with red arrow.

The very first row of the audience. You see 9 circles there.

In this case, the number of “front row allocation” in my live venue table would be “9”.
If it says “9 to 11” then depends on the lives, the number of front row audience can be 9 or 11.

What is good about knowing this number?

Yes yes, I kind of got confused too XDD.

OK, these three numbers are closely related;

1)  No. of Front Row Audience
2)  Your reference number on the ticket
3)  Venue capacity

would be closely related.

This is only for your reference though,

if your reference No. is either between 1 ~ 10 for capacity 300 ~ 500 venue or

1 ~ 25 for capacity 1,000 ~ 2,000 venue, then you have chance to be at the front row.

If you know the No. of Front Row Audience then, you know where you want to stand depends on your favorite member stands (is your favorite member vocalist?

Does she/he usually stands at the middle of stage?)

 The capacity of the venue is between  Your reference No. is between
 300 ~ 500  1 ~ 10
 1,000 ~ 2,000  1 ~ 25

So if you are lucky to have good reference No. then you check the venue No. of Front Row Audience before getting into the live venue so you can run and keep the place where you want to stand.

The reference No. in Japanese is “Seiri bango” and looks like this.


OK! Hope this will help!!


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