After eating Soba, Ethan and I walked to the NHK Osaka hall where the Berryz Kobo concerts were to be held on that day, April 21st.

This is Ethan good to go for the concert and me XD.
Ethan wearing Risako, his love’s happi.
Someone’s finger is shown in the pic haha.

DSC_0468  DSC_0469

Now let’s explain how to get to NHK Osaka hall from JR Osaka station, since when some of you come to Japan and go to NHK Osaka hall, you probably come from JR Osaka station :).

******** Instruction from JR Osaka to NHK Osaka hall ********

The nearest station from NHK Osaka hall is called “Tanimachi yon cho-me (Tanminachi 4 cho-me)“.
It is a subway station.

(1) When you get to JR Osaka station, you need to find a subway station called Higashi-umeda.
“Higashi-umeda” is a station on subway called Tanimachi line.
If you ask for either “Higashi-umeda” station or Tanimachi line, most probably people will help you out to get there.

(2) If you find the “Higashi-umeda” station, buy a ticket and go to platform 1,
which heads for Minami-morimachi, Temmabashi, Tanimachi, Tennoji and Yaominami.
Tanimachi 4 cho-me would be the 3rd stop (after Minami-morimachi and Temmabashi) if there will not be some new stations made between them in the future :p. It takes only about 6 minutes.

(3) If you get to Tanimachi yon cho-me station, look for exit No.9.
Once you get out from the exit No.9,  you will see the NHK Osaka hall right outside!


This is Ethan and I inside the NHK Osaka hall.


It was the first time for me to go to the H!P concert venue.
I talked to some of the Japanese wota people, hehe.
Many Japanese wota recognized Ethan and approached to say hey. There was also a guy from Seattle, USA!
It is quite amazing that they have a lot of fans all over the world!!! The Japanese that I talked to, he said he also follows Berryz abroad when they have tour oversea!!

I asked him “so you must be like working for Berryz Kobo, aren’t you”
and he replied “YES” looking very satisfied with my question.

This site called Jorudan is probably good to use when you want to know how long it takes to get from one point to another or how much it cost etc. I usually use Japanese version of this site and this is really handy.


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