Morning, evening everyone out there!

It is 10:40am here, and I am getting ready to leave for Osaka to meet up with Ariel!

Assuming he is still in asleep, must be really tired from the LOOOOOOONG flight & train ride + night out with Robert last night XDDDD. I just could not believe he went out right away all after the long trip more than 30 hours in total haha!

Guess he needs to enjoy every minute :).

Will go to the hostel first to see what Ari is up to then if he is awake will see what to do!

Will meet up Robert as well in the evening at latest at the Reina LovendoR live in Umeda Akaso.

He mentioned that he will be with a girl from Thailand.

I also got to know that Josseline (another French XD) will be in Osaka today with 2 of his friends so might meet up with them today or tomorrow while I will be in Osaka!!

Looks a lot of fun meeting up today and tomorrow!! Excited——— =D!

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