Hi there!

How are you doing?

I met up with Ryu-chan from UK last Thursday :D!!

I know Ryu-chan for more than an year by now I think :).

Oh as I checked through my conversation history on facebook with Ryu-chan,

our first contact was August 2nd 2012!

I somehow thought it was in winter but guess remembered wrong :p!

Met him through a facebook group but this was the first time to see him in person ( *´艸`).

A photo of Ryu-chan and me :p.


Even though the time spent was kind of short (about 2 hours), it was fun!!

Thank you for coming to see me in busy schedule Ryu-chan o(^-^o)(o^-^)o!!!!

We talked about family, work, music etc.

As I met a couple friends who moved to other countries from HK

before it was returned to China back in 1997,

it kind of fascinate me to listen to the story who in the family decided to move and stuffs,

cus moving to other countries seem pretty big thing to me.

When I asked about it to one of my friends Kibou-chan back in a while,

she said it is not really a big deal and

“as long as u work hard enough u will survive any country”

I thought it was SO COOL (^-^)b!

For Ryu-chan’s family, his grandpa decided to do it and he went to UK

alone first and prepared everything for the family and other people moved afterward.

According to Ryu-chan, his grandpa did not know any English when he first went to the UK.

It must be such an adventurous experience for the grandpa to went over and do all the stuffs!!!

When I told Ryu-chan about “San myaku (three pulses)”,

it is a way that you can tell life threatening situation by feeling three pulses of your body.

I am just pasting the link for “San myaku” on the internet (it is in Japanese) :p.

This page might be good refer (also in Japanese but with some photos).

You will see what pulses you should feel at the link page about the middle ;).

It was funny that Ryu-chan was telling me the name of pulses that I was mentioning like

“Oh OK those are carotid and radial =D!!”

Doctor Ryu-chan you~~~ ( *´艸`) ( *´艸`) ( *´艸`)!!!

Thanks again to come and see me Ryu-chan!

It was pleasure meeting you!!!!

Hope you will enjoy rest of your stay!! Have fun ne!!!!!

xoxoxoxo <3

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