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I will write a bit about tourism in Osaka today since Franck is in Osaka now and also
Ariel my buddy is coming in to Osaka early next week!

Here below is the list of the ordinary sightseeing spots in Osaka

Noticed it is pretty hard to come up and list those spots by myself :p.


1) Umeda Sky Building floating garden


Nearest station: Umeda or Osaka station, about 10 minutes walk
360 degree view from 40th floor, admission for the floor 700yen
souvenir shop on 39th floor


2) Umeda Joy police, SEGA amusement park

Nearest station: Umeda or Osaka station, 1-5 minutes walk
For fees check out the site (it is in Japanese, you can ask for details if you like)!


3) Dotonbori

Osaka_Dotonbori   800px-Dotonbori_NeonSign

Nearest station: subway Namba or Shinsaibashi station
One of the main tourist spot in Osaka.
Where you can eat Takoyaki, many shops on the street. Will be just fun walking around this area.
Can enjoy special atmosphere.


4) Amerikamura, aka American village
Nearest station: subway Shinsaibashi station, 2 minutes walk
Popular spot for young people. Many second hand clothes shops around this area.


5) Osaka Aquarium Kaiyuukan


Nearest station: subway Osakako station, 5 minutes walk
One of the biggest aquarium in the world


6) Spa world
Nearest station: subway Dobutsuen mae station or JR Imamiya station, 3 minutes walk.
Amusement type of bathing place with many kind of baths, European style, Asian style.
Has comic section, movie theater in the building where you can read comics and watch movie. Pool as well.
Fun place to go if you like bathing!


7) Osaka Castle


Nearest station: subway Tanimachi yonchome station, Morinomiya station
or JR Morinomiya station, Osaka Jo Koen station
A castle build by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a very famous warrior back in 16 centuries.
To get in side the castle, 600yen


Links to the Osaka tourist Bureau.

1) Osaka Government Tourist Bureau page
2) 1)’s Tourist Guide page — in pdf format and pretty neat

On this page of 1), you can check the seasonal event going on in Osaka,
might want to check if you are visiting the area.

This link is probably helpful to organize your trip.

The site would suggest you. Looks you can leave the keyword column blank,
did not get any result when I put a keyword lol.


If you are idol fan

If you are Hello! Project fans, you would want to go to Hello! Project shop in Osaka.
The shop is 1 minute from north exit of subway Ebisucho station (Sakaisuji line).

And there are also AKB48 & NMB48 shops in Namba station.



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