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Have you heard of “bento“? or “obento“?

That is Japanese boxed lunch.

There are many kind of bentos and “hohuku bento” is one of them.

“hohuku” means “revenge” in Japanese.

If you want to know how to write in Kanji the Chinese character we use in Japanese, it is

Hohuku in Kanji

If you write in Hiragana, the other character we use in Japanese, it is

Hohuku in Hiragana

A Series of Hohuku Bento

So now let’s see a series of “hohuku bento” aka “revenge boxed lunch” that a husband got by pissing his wife off.

Japanese Words You Want To Learn

Let’s see the messages from the wife in the videos together so you can learn some useful words and phrases in Japanese through it.

Kindly note that in this video most of the words are to insult others due to the aim of the boxed lunch XD! But also fun words to learn, aren’t they :p??


You can click on the links on the Seconds on the table below to jump to the video of that seconds.

I am not sure if the Japanese words can be viewed properly on your computer though, if they don’t let me know from the comment column. Thanks!

Seconds Japanese Pronunciation Meaning
29 アホ aho moron
36 バーカ ba-ka stupid
56 毒(どく) doku poison
1:18 ゴキジェットプロ
goki jetto puro
byousatsu + machibuse
a product name of pesticide
1:23 カレー kare- curry
1:31 ムカつく mukatsuku you piss me off
1:51 こんや kon ya tonight
2:13 おつり返して otsuri kae shite give me back my change
2:28 ムカつく mukatsuku you piss me off
3:37 アフリカではよくあること 残念 afurika deha yoku aru koto zan nen If happens in Africa often pitty


Some Japanese wives are sweet enough to make boxed lunch for their husband even they are pissed off at him. However, you may get some messages with cut nori (seaweed) or ugly and bloody figure in the boxed lunch.

Sometimes nori, the seaweed is cut in centipede shape or cockroach shape. But all in all, it is way much better than getting the real ones, right?

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