Hi there~.

Since the conversation on fee to join H!P and M-Line FC going on in Idol!Swap,

I am just updating my blog on it.


Probably there are other people want to know about this too ne?


You would need someone with Japanese address to help you to get in the fanclub

if you are living outside Japan.

The page on explaining on the fee is here for H!P and here for M-Line.

The fee is basically the same for both fanclub.

There are two parts of the payment.



1) Initial fee (only need to pay for the first year) — 1,000yen

2) Annual fee — 5,100yen

6,100yen in total for the first year. 5,100yen from the second year.



There are 3 types of membership,

junior membership,

normal membership,

special membership.

Since junior membership is for a kid up to 6th grade,

and special membership you would require ID check to get the special credit card,

you do need to have actual ID with Japanese address so if you do not live in Japan

this one is impossible to get as far as I know.

So the above fee listed above is for the normal membership ;).

Any further question, feel free to ask!

With my address, I already have 3 membership for H!P and 2 membership with M-Line.

My fee would be 1,220yen to help you getting the membership


I do not make more than 3 membership on my address since I hear the rumor that

FC would eliminate your membership by having many memberships registered with one

address since they assume you are a ticket broker.


At this moment, only one room available for M-Line.

The second amendment is here below.

Before editing, I had 3 more rooms for H!P and 4 more rooms for M-Line with with

my brother’s address but since he lives far away and

me unable to get the newsletters from FC, I would hold it.

If I ever find somebody who can help me out with this close to where I live, I will open the offer again.

Sorry about that. Those who has contacted me on it, is the exception.

I can register you with my brother’s address and if I ever find other help,

will change your registration address to whoever that help us out!




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