Happy New Year everyone!!!


How are you starting the year 2014?

I am having a nice start with one of my friendswedding announcement and all!!


OK! I will explain about

the Auto Extension function (Jidou Encho) on Yahuoku today.

I believe eBay do not have a function like this though,

on Yahuoku there is a function called

自動延長 (Jidou Encho) which the auction ending time will be extended

if the bid was raised in last 5 minutes.

In most of the auctions the sellers set this, but few do not.

To see if this is set or not, you can check on the auction page at the column

自動延長 (see the screen shot below with red square).


This one says 自動延長 :あり

this means it does extend the ending time if the bid was raised in the last 5 minutes.

This auto extension will last until the bid will stop.

So if someone else raise the bid on the last 5 minutes of the extended time,

the ending time will be extended again by 5 minutes.



If the auction is not set the auto extension then you would see

the red squared part on above as

自動延長 : なし


this means no auto extension.

Hope this will help!!


Have a nice day~~~~~~!



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