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With request from Andreas who is big fan of Biohazard, bought this gacha item on Yahoo auction.

Seems that the Biohazard character is shown with light.

Bought this at this seller’s shop on Yahoo oimrof777.

This seller has all kinds of Gacha items (of complete set) if you have some Gacha item you want.


Coin Laundry in Japan! How much and How to use?

Updated on : November 21, 2016   *  Last modified on : September 11, 2017


Hi there!


I had a request on how to use coin laundry in Japan so will write about that on this post.

If you want to use coin laundry in Japan and do not know Japanese language, then this is the right post to read for you.

There are several types of coin laundry old and new so will write about what are found on the Internet + what is helpful.

Oh there are several useful YouTube videos that you can check.

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This one is old type that is probably at your hotel in Shinjuku Dina :D!

As you can see, there are laundry machines (white ones) and dryers (yellow ones).

You can bring your detergent (and softener if you want to use it) or buy it at the laundry place.

For this washing machine, it costs 200yen.

1) Check inside of the machine and make sure nothing is in there and inside is not dirty.

___Press “Cleaning washing tub” if there is (orange button on the video below).

2) Put detergent.

3) Put the money.

4) Put your laundry (you can probably put your laundry at step 2). If you want to dissolve detergent well then step 4)).


For the dryer, I could not see the fee.

1) Check inside of the machine and make sure nothing is in there and inside is not dirty.

2) Put your laundry (and softener if you wish).

3) Put your money.
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Newer type

OK, this one is new type of machine.

Usually there are more than one type of laundry machines with different capacity and price. In this video, there are 700yen laundry machine with 16kg capacity (at 0:50) and 500yen one with capacity 11kg.

The dryer is 100yen for 10 minutes at this place.

Looks detergent is automatically thrown for this machine. If you do not see detergent vending machine, then you can assume it will be thrown automatically.

Washing machine

1) Check inside of the machine and make sure nothing is in there and inside is not dirty.

___Press “Cleaning washing tub” if there is.

2) Put the money.


1) Check inside of the machine and make sure nothing is in there and inside is not dirty.

2) Put your money.

It is not in either of the videos but there are machines with laundry and dryer together.

For this type, detergent and softener are thrown automatically.

Here is the steps for washing + dryer machine

1) Check inside of the machine and make sure nothing is in there and inside is not dirty.

___Press “Cleaning washing tub” if there is.

2) Put your laundry and close the door.

3) Choose the course from “Washing only”, “Drying only” or “Wash and dry”.

4) Put the money.


Time & money :

Average time to wash — 30 ~ 40 minutes (200 – 700yen : old machine seems to be cheaper)

Average time to dry — depends on the weight of laundry though,

________________________20 ~ 30 minutes for ordinary clothes (200 ~ 300yen)

________________________35 minutes for jeans (400yen)

Entire time, about 1 hour to 1 hour and half depends on the laundry.

Budget is about 1,000 ~ 2,000yen.


Tips :

Try to bring many 100yen coins (1,000 ~ 2,000yen) since usually they do not take bills (could be money changer but may not).

Bring hangers if there are shirts and such that you do not want to be wrinkled, so you can hang them after drying.

When it is crowded, people may take out your clothes from the machine. If you are washing your underwear you want to be back before the machine will stop. The remaining time is displayed on the machine so you will know what time to be back at.

Drinking and eating are prohibited in most coin laundries to prevent the laundry get dirty.

Japanese letters you may see :


You probably won’t see the last 2 kanji but if there are 2 machines set vertically then you will see this one. You need to choose which machine you will use.


P.S. There are coin laundry for sneaker as well XDD.

I didn’t know until I write this post.

“Sō ja Nai” lyrics Morning Musume. 16

Updated on : November 20, 2016   *  Last modified on : November 24, 2016


Hi there!


I have been thinking about writing Japanese lesson blog but have not done much yet.

I think it will be really fun learning Japanese with lyrics for music lover so today I am going to use Morning Musume. ’16 new song “Sō ja Nai” to learn first 5 basic Japanese alphabet (5 vowels in Japanese) and see how people like it.

If you read & watch this post, let me know what you think!

Pronunciation :


The 1st one pronounce as “a” — maybe close to the word “now”‘s “o”??
(should probably add some sound info later on…)


The 2nd one is “i” — maybe “eat”‘s “ea” sounds?



The 3rd one is “u” — “oops”‘s “oo”



The 4th one is “e” — “edge”‘s first “e”



The 5th one is “o” — “object”‘s “o”


OK! I am going to teach you 5 Japanese basic words & expressions using these first 5 letters. Some of them, you can hear them in the new song :D!!

These first two letters


ai” means “Love in Japanese!

There are many songs about love right? And so as MM. ’16 new song
“Sō ja Nai”. Check out the 1:54 of the above video.

English subtitle is “Love is probably… Love is like…”

Did you catch the word “ai” in Japanese?? Ya~~~y you!!

This word is also in the other new song “Mukidashi de Mukiatte”.

Check it if you can catch them. There are two parts with that word :D!!

All right, then next word.


iie” is formal “no in Japanese.

This is good to remember if you are coming to Japan.






“ue” is “up” in Japanese. It could be “above” “on” as well.

Check out the 2:56 of the above video.

English subtitle is “Those condescending remarks”

hummmm I am not really familiar with the word “condescending” * looking up *

condescending --- characteristic of those who treat others with condescension

condescension - a communication that indicates lack of respect by patronizing the recipient

OK so if condescending is referring someone superior to inferior, it makes sense.

Sine the Japanese lyrics “Ue kara mesen no sono phrase“, “the phrase from looking down from higher position” sort of.

Anyways, let’s just remember “ue” in Japanese means “up” and try to catch the word in the song!


“ee?” is not really a phrase but we say it when we are surprised XD!

You say that in English too right? Guess we have that in common so you can use that in Japan as well. People would understand you :p.





And so as the previous one, this is not really a phrase but

“o-!” (“o” plus bar) we say this one also when we are surprised as you say “Oh-!” in English. I wonder those surprising sounds are universal…

But I know in Chinese people say “aiya—” when they are surprised… well we say “ah—!” as well but not quite the same.

Writing order :

OK! Now let’s write about writing order of each of those five Japanese alphabet.

You can remember, we write basically from left, top, right, down order.

Let’s explain with the first letter “a”


Get it?

The first stroke is from the very left of this letter. And the second stroke is the one at the top. The third stroke start with the next high position.

So the second letter is easy I think. You can try.

Try by yourself :





Probably the last one was a bit difficult. You can check the answer at the very bottom of this post ;)!

Note :

When we write Japanese, we have two ways to write.

One way is like in English, write from left —> right then go down.

Like… this one down here.


Another way is, as you can see on the above 5 basic Japanese, write from top to down and this one goes right to left.


Answer of “Try by yourself”


The word “ai (love)” in song “Mukidashi de Mukiatte” –>  1:06, 2:30  <– Check the answer by dragging the space~~.

OK! Hope this was fun lesson!

Leave comment if you notice something or have some suggestion etc. I will be shedding tears to see your comment ;)!

Bellesalle Tokyo Nihonbashi Access

Updated on : November 18, 2016   *  Last modified on : November 20, 2016


Hi there!


Today, I am writing about how to access to the Bellesalle Tokyo Nihonbashi event hall.

This place is often used for artists’ handshake and cheki events.

Morning Musume. 16 is having the release event of their 62nd single “Sexy Cat no Enzetsu / Mukidashi de Mukiatte / Sō ja Nai” on December 17th.

One of my friends Dina from Indonesia is going so I will write about the direction today. Thanks for purchasing the CD box sets + tickets Dina!

OK! Here we go!

There are mainly 2 ways to access to the venue, one is to take metro and another is to take JR train (one of the most popular Japanese train).


A) If you are taking any of the Tokyo Metro lines,

your destination is Nihonbashi station.

At Nihonbashi station, find the B6 exit, and you can pass through to the event hall since it is connected to the station.

Use HyperDia or google map to see the train transaction and the time table.

B) If you are taking JR train,

then your destination will be Tokyo station.

1) At Tokyo station, find “Yaesu North Exit“.

2) Having Tokyo station on your back, take left and walk for 5 blocks.

3) Then you will reach a junction named “Gofukubashi” with a traffic light.

4) Turn right at the “Gofukubashi” junction and walk for 2 blocks, you will see a junction named “Nihonbashi”.

5) Go 1 more block and you will see the venue, Bellesalle Tokyo Nihonbashi on your right.

See the map below for your reference.

CAUTION: There is another Bellesalle hall named “Bellesalle Yaesu” on the way  to “Bellesalle Tokyo Nihonbashi” which is on the first block of “Gofukubashi” junction on the right. So do not hurry in that Bellesalle if you are going to “Bellesalle Tokyo Nihonbashi”.

BelleSalle Tokyo Nihonbashi

To see the appearance of the building, check here.

If you want to find some restaurants near this area, check here.

If you click on your desiring cuisine from “Select Cuisine in Nihombashi” on the page or your preference from “Search Features” such as English menu, Non-Smoking and Free Wi-Fi you will be directed to the restaurant with your preference :). Cool isn’t it??

You can also narrow down the restaurants with your budget too.

If you want to eat something right quick before or after the event,

Nakau (rice bowls restaurant)” looks nice with just 2-3 minutes walk from the hall according to the google map and also average price being 600yen.

OK! Have fun Dina and whoever going to the event!!

Harry Potter Kawaii goods!

Updated on : October 26, 2016   *  Last modified on : February 22, 2017




Mimi Chama ordered some Harry Potter 2016 goods from Kiddy Land Harajuku that are available via mail order now,

and the package just arrived so I will write about that today :).

Mimi Chama found the goods info the other day via Tweet of Tokyo Fashion, the person who send out information on Harajuku Japan.

Mimi Chama messaged me on Oct 21st if I can get the goods somehow.


Since the image she sent me had the shop name, I called up Kiddy Land Harajuku when I got up and found out that we can order via phone from the very next day yay!! until the goods will be out of stock.

So did that the next day first thing in the morning :D!!

These goods were sold at pre-sales since Oct 8th through Oct 21st in 13 Kiddy Land shops in Japan.

After the pre-sales, they starts to accept mail order.

I assume this applies to other goods pre-sales.

Here are the goods that Mimi Chama ordered!!


Hermione Granger sitting on our living room sofa (^0^)/~! Kawaii ne <3


Hermione and face towel set (2 in a set).

Yes she is quite small if I place her besides the face towels. She is about 13cm.

If you would like to see the entire goods list, check Kiddy Land Harry Potter page here.

When I called the shop on Oct 22nd to place the order, Harry Potter ball chain mascot was already sold out (this was original aim along with the face towel), so I was glad that Mimi Chama and I set the backup plan when we talked.

Mimi Chama I will send out the package soon~~~~!

Thank you for the order and let me take the photos!!


P.S. Tokyo Fashion has YouTube Channel too and it looks pretty interesting!

Adding the URL here if you wanna check it out too ;).

No. of Front Row Audience

Updated on : October 25, 2016


Hello there!

In my live venue posts, I use a word “No. of Front Row Audience” so thought about explaining the word.

While I search live venue names, many people use the word “Saizen wari (can literally be translated as “Front row allocation”, but I think “No. of Front Row Audience” is more direct and easy to understand)” combined with live venue name so thought it may be useful to add this info on the live venue info table.

OK, let’s think this is a live venue.


There are a vocalist and a guitarist on the stage and lower part is the audience area.

The front row allocation is where I marked with red arrow.

The very first row of the audience. You see 9 circles there.

In this case, the number of “front row allocation” in my live venue table would be “9”.
If it says “9 to 11” then depends on the lives, the number of front row audience can be 9 or 11.

What is good about knowing this number?

Yes yes, I kind of got confused too XDD.

OK, these three numbers are closely related;

1)  No. of Front Row Audience
2)  Your reference number on the ticket
3)  Venue capacity

would be closely related.

This is only for your reference though,

if your reference No. is either between 1 ~ 10 for capacity 300 ~ 500 venue or

1 ~ 25 for capacity 1,000 ~ 2,000 venue, then you have chance to be at the front row.

If you know the No. of Front Row Audience then, you know where you want to stand depends on your favorite member stands (is your favorite member vocalist?

Does she/he usually stands at the middle of stage?)

 The capacity of the venue is between  Your reference No. is between
 300 ~ 500  1 ~ 10
 1,000 ~ 2,000  1 ~ 25

So if you are lucky to have good reference No. then you check the venue No. of Front Row Audience before getting into the live venue so you can run and keep the place where you want to stand.

The reference No. in Japanese is “Seiri bango” and looks like this.


OK! Hope this will help!!


Osaka Muse Access

Updated on : October 25, 2016


Hello there!


Since Kobushi factory is having their live on Oct 23rd (Sun) and Angerme is having theirs on Oct 30th (Sun) at Osaka Muse, will write about the venue info on the Osaka Muse.

Capacity 350
Nearby station Shinsaibashi
Locker (inside venue) Small : 75, 300yen
(height 29cm x width 23cm x depth 42cm)Midium : 24, 500en
(height 77cm x width 35cm x depth 42cm)
* Has a partition at the middle.
Cloakroom Availbale (500yen, bag size about 90 liter)
Site URL
Address 大阪府大阪市中央区心斎橋筋1-5-6ミューズ389ビル3F
1-5-6 Muse 389 building 3rd floor, Shinsaibashi suji, Chuo ward, Osaka city
Telephone number 06-6245-5389
No. of front row audience
* about word definition,
see this link
9 to 11


5 minutes’ walk from Shinsaibashi station exit No.6 of subway Midosuji line (red subway line).

Follow the green arrow on above map will take you to Osaka Muse.

1) Go up to the ground from exit No.6.

In Shinsaibashi, there are 2 subway lines, Midosuji-line (red line) and Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi-line (yellowish green line) running in.

If you take Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi-line to get to the station, and do not see exit No.6 then try to get to the Midosuji-line (red line) first and find the exit No.6.

Tips: In subway and train stations,

if you look up, you will see directions to the exits and other lines.

You usually see signs like these.


This one shows the direction to the exit 5 and 6.


This one shows the direction to Midosuji Line.

As you can see,

usually there are English written along with Japanese characters so you won’t have much trouble finding your way if you keep checking those signs.

Just keep looking up to check the signs!!

2) Go 2 blocks to the south on Shinsaibashi suji street where a lot of shops and a shopping arcade are.

3) On Suoumachi dori street, you will see a book store on the right so take turn to south (left) there.

4) Walk 1 block and take left (to the north) and you will see Osaka Muse on the left (big green mark at the lower right on the map).

Wrote the simple direction on the map above also so you can just view the map and get to the venue.


You can view the map (in Japanese) on this url:

OK! Hope it will help.

Enjoy the live!!

Mano Erina Autograph Chance

Updated on : October 25, 2016


Hi everyone~!

What shall I write today?


Oh, since Robert messaged me about Mano Erina new photobook of Wanibooks Special Edition yesterday, let’s write about that.


What is so special about Wanibooks Special Edition is that if you buy the photobook there, you will get extra something.


Here are the details.

Item Mano Erina photobook
Special 1

Chance to win her autograph with your name!!

For 100 people

Special 2 (this is for everyone) Photo
Order due Nov 2nd
Your total (for ordering one) 5,164yen (1,000yen is my fee)
Payment method paypal


I will make YOUR ACCOUNT on the site so you will have YOUR OWN NAME on winning the autograph.


Leave a comment here with the following information if you want to order through me.

Your name (Family name, Given name order)

Will be used when winning the autograph

Your email address
Number of your purchase (if ordering more than 1)


This is the URL for the photobook.

OK! Later!!


Ikuta Erina autograph chance!

Updated on : October 7, 2016   *  Last modified on : October 25, 2016


Hello there!


Ikuta Erina’s new photobook “Erina” will be published on Oct 22nd!

e-LineUP! is having a special extra for those who placed the pre-order.

The extra are

1) L size photo (A or B)

2) chance to win her autograph + your name on the photobook

Sugoi ne (super)?!?!


Order due (for the autograph chance): Oct 12th


If you want to order though me,

leave comment here with the following information.


1) email address (so I can make your own account in case of winning the autograph)

2) your choice of the extra L size photo (A or B)

For the photo choice, see the e-LineUP! page.

3) Your name in Family name, Given name order


My fee excluding the shipping is 1,000yen.

So the first payment will be 4,600yen (600yen is the inside Japan shipping).



Wani Special Mano Erina Calendar 2017

Updated on : September 23, 2016   *  Last modified on : October 17, 2016




Wanibooks Special Edition” is having

Mano Erina 2017 calendar with 2 special extra!

1) an extra photo

2) Your name will be signed (by Erina I reckon)

    on the calendar for lucky 80 people

If you are interested in ordering and want to order through me

leave comment here!

Calendar photos are covered past 10 years after she joined Hello! Project egg ^_^ <3!

My fee is 1,000yen (4,300yen in total).

The order due to apply for the signing extra is Sept 30th!

I will make an account for you to place the order to make sure your name will be on the calendar on winning!

Feel free to let me know if you want to order something else.


There are also Seven Eleven special edition.

Check here for the details.

You will get 2 extra photo.

One of the photos is the Seven Eleven special edition.