A couple days ago, I saw a photo of my special someone’s wedding photo on facebook.

She was one of the girls in the family who let me stayed their home for good 10 months in the past
during my exchange year in the US.

Last night, she sent me a message via facebook if I got the invitation.

She was talking about

the wedding invitation.


Unfortunately I did not receive the invitation in time,
but the fact that she remembered me to invite on her very special day made me very very happy.

Thank you so much.

Also her elder sister (my eldest baby sis for me) got married just recently as well.

Happy to know all the good news about you.

I feel very lucky that we are still in touch and think about each other.
I know that I think of you all very often but it is kind of difficult to know if you all do other way around
so I am really happy that you do too.

Actually I am crying with happiness now, haha silly me.

Happy wedding Kindra and happy wedding Lisa.


Hope all the better for you and your love one. I love you.
Thank you very much for having me and keeping in touch for this long period.

I really really appreciate it.

Thank you.

P.S. The family gave me 4 little sisters that I never had and parents in other country.
I am the baby in my Japanese family with 2 big brothers so it was very neat that I got
younger sisters ^-^.
I will just think about the wonderful 10 months I had with you all today for a bit.
It was very lovely. Lucky girl I am. Again thank you.



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