Hi there!

How are you doing?


I have been thinking about having YouTube channel on Japanese lesson,

have not done anything yet, well trying to learn how to use

the Windows Media Player and such to carry it out but not done much yet :p.


For those who are interested in learning Japanese, stay tune ;D!!

Using lyrics is one good way to do the Japanese lesson.

This is my first trial on that.

Have translated the lyrics of Reina new band LoVendoЯ

“Kono Yo ni Shinjitsu no Ai ga Hitotsudake arunara” lyrics.


Don’t think it is a good idea to paste Japanese lyrics on copy right law, so just

pasting the English translation here!

Thanks for the idea Jet and Smaui~!



Passion, you can kiss me the way you want

(I Love You)

Fashion, you can be eccentric as you wish

(Love You More)


The night a bird shed tears with sadness

Cus she cannot fly the sky


Passion, burn the flame

(I Love You)

Tension, the love like the tensioned string

(Love You More)


Get on a cloud

I will be there

Hold you as I did in the dream


If there is one true love in this world

That is the love

I give to you


If there is one false of me

That is me who says I don’t miss you

At the night I do not see you

Pretend to be tough, Tonight


Passion, you can be selfish as you want

(I Love You)

Passion, you can be sexy as you wish

(Love You More)


Woke up with the strong wind at night

Suddenly worried about you


If there is one true love in this world

That is my love that connected to you


If there will be a false tomorrow in this world

I will not end today

Tonight I will hold you forever, Tonight




If you have any suggestion on Japanese Lesson

on YouTube that I am thinking about,

let me know via comment, PM or whatever~!


I am still thinking about it so. Thank you!




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Usa-chan peace · February 12, 2016 at 12:31 pm

thanks for your translation

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