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I met up with one of my friends and her 5 year old girl yesterday.
Haven’t seen her for 3 years (but last time we met, it was like passing by just saying “hey”) so had decent talk all after NINE YEARS XDD!

Nice cafe “kitchenette” downtown

Had some tea at a cafe called “kitchenette” which was pretty nice place with nice sweets.

If you want to go to this cafe, check on google map for “kitchenette” or the address “otemachi 2-6-25, nakaku, hiroshima”.

I had “chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream” It was SO TASTY~~!

Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream — 630yen

Tea — 500yen (but cake set it is -150yen)


My friend ordered coffee (500yen) and little girl Mila hot chocolate which was not on the menu.

When we were having trouble figuring out what to order for her, the shop lady offered to make one for her which was very nice (*´∀`*). The hot chocolate was 600yen.


Here is Agnes and Mila with the hot chocolate made just for her <3.


Pet shop “Coo&RIKU”

After chatting at the cafe for about an hour and a half, we walked a while toward Hiroshima station and on the way saw a pet shop “Coo&RIKU”.

If you want to go here, you can check with this address “kamiyacho 2-2-15, naka-ku, hiroshima”.

pet shop Coo&RIKU

There is a cat cafe called “coorikuya” on the 2nd floor. We have not gone up to see it but if you are interested in cat cafe then you can go there too. The address is the same with “Coo&RIKU”. It is “kamiyacho 2-2-15, naka-ku, hiroshima”.

The little girl Mila got SO EXCITED at the pet shop. My friend said that she has been wanting to have a dog for a while.  Mila said “kanpeki!! (perfect in Japanese)” several times in front of the cages that she liked. She moved right and left in front of the cages and she almost looked like a dog herself XDD. It was fun!!


100yen shop Seria near Hiroshima Station

After the pet shop, Agnes and Mila decided to take street car to Hiroshima station to go to a book store and 100yen shop.

Since I rather wanted walk for my daily walk so I walked to the station. Eventually we met up again at the 100yen shop “Seria” in Fukuya department store right in front of the Hiroshima station though XD.

These are the gets from yesterday at 100yen shop.

100yen origami 1

It is kind of off-season though, I quite like the left one with cherry blossom ( *´艸`)!

Only has 12 sheets inside though, good for 100yen, right?


Introduced a nice cafe “kitchenette“, pet shop “Coo&RIKU”, cat cafe “coorikuya” in downtown Hiroshima and 100yen shop “Seria” near JR Hiroshima station.

If you want to go there, check these address for each shops ;)!

If you want to read this article in Japanese, check my Japanese blog 広島のcafe「kitchenette」で友達と会ってきた!広島市中区大手町. It’s not like an exact translation but similar contents!

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