Mimi Chama ordered some Harry Potter 2016 goods from Kiddy Land Harajuku that are available via mail order now,

and the package just arrived so I will write about that today :).

Mimi Chama found the goods info the other day via Tweet of Tokyo Fashion, the person who send out information on Harajuku Japan.

Mimi Chama messaged me on Oct 21st if I can get the goods somehow.


Since the image she sent me had the shop name, I called up Kiddy Land Harajuku when I got up and found out that we can order via phone from the very next day yay!! until the goods will be out of stock.

So did that the next day first thing in the morning :D!!

These goods were sold at pre-sales since Oct 8th through Oct 21st in 13 Kiddy Land shops in Japan.

After the pre-sales, they starts to accept mail order.

I assume this applies to other goods pre-sales.

Here are the goods that Mimi Chama ordered!!


Hermione Granger sitting on our living room sofa (^0^)/~! Kawaii ne <3


Hermione and face towel set (2 in a set).

Yes she is quite small if I place her besides the face towels. She is about 13cm.

If you would like to see the entire goods list, check Kiddy Land Harry Potter page here.

When I called the shop on Oct 22nd to place the order, Harry Potter ball chain mascot was already sold out (this was original aim along with the face towel), so I was glad that Mimi Chama and I set the backup plan when we talked.

Mimi Chama I will send out the package soon~~~~!

Thank you for the order and let me take the photos!!


P.S. Tokyo Fashion has YouTube Channel too and it looks pretty interesting!

Adding the URL here if you wanna check it out too ;).

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