Miyajima, Hiroshima Japan

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I am writing about my home town today.

I was born and raised in Hiroshima. Have lived in several other places also :).

Hiroshima has one of the top scenic spot in Japan, called Miyajima.

Miyajima can be literary translated as shrine (miya) island (jima)

and as the name reveal, it has a shrine called “Itsukushima Shrine (“Itsukushima Jinja” in Japanese)”.

Itsukushima Shrine is uniquely built in sea area and it looks as if it is floating in the ocean when the tide is high.


Itsukushima Shrine


Shrine usually has a gate called “Torii” at the entrance

to separate god space and human world.

Otorii (= big torii) of Itsukushima shrine is famous as it is in the ocean.

When the tide is low, you can walk to the Otorii.

When I was little, I have been to Miyajima for clam digging at this Otorii area.

Miyajima Otorii in the evening

Miyajima is famous for wild deer also along with Nara (I lived in Nara for more than 6 years!)

Planning to go back~~~ for a very special reason <3.

Deer in Miyajima


If you are coming to Japan and would like to know more about Miyajima, visit following sites!


I am thinking about writing blogs on Japanese tourist info from now on,

if you have any suggestion to help me out, let me know from the comment!

Thank you!!



H!P CD release event

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Hi there!

I have asked about Hello! Project release event so am writing about that today.

There are release event normally held on the weekend of a new single release.

They usually listed on Hello! Project Official site’s event section.

H!P CD release event

Need to check the site for the detail of the event though,

mini live (most of the time seems free to watch), talk show, handshake and cheki (photo shooting with idol(s)) are the popular event type.

For most of the events, you can pre-order online at site called such as forTUNE or Pony Canyon (for Angerme and Juice=Juice).

There are events that related to certain CD shops and you need to be at the shop to get the event ticket.

Anyways all the details should be found on the H!P official site event section.


If you want to attend the event and need help, leave a comment at this post ;).

For my fee structure, check my service page. It is basically 20% of your purchase + all the necessary fee.


C-ute SSA ticket 2017 Buying process

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Hello hello!


OK, in this post, will explain how you can get the ticket through me.


1) The tickets are out on sale on Yahoo auction since March 28th 2017.


The reason above is because the FC lottery result comes out sometime between 24th and 27th every month usually and the tickets come out on auction a bit after that period.

The link will show you the auction result with keywords “C-ute Saitama Super Arena“.

Until about 2 weeks prior to the concert, most of the tickets on the auction will not have the seat number.

For more details, read the previous post “C-ute SSA ticket 2017 How much?” and its additional note.


2) If you see some tickets on the auction and want to go for it,

    contact me from the “contact form” at the END of this blog post.


with following information.

  • Your Name
  • Email address
  • Max bid (excluding my fee)
  • Hotel info


Other details


The payment method: paypal (in Japanese YEN)

My fee: 20% of your winning price


All the necessary fee such as paypal fee, shipping and bank fee will be asked you to pay.

Paypal fee will be different on how much you would like to pay for the ticket

but for the shipping and bank fee, it will probably be 1,000 ~ 1,500yen.

(To see how much in your currency XE currency converter)


Since the ticket will be sent from the Yahoo auction seller directly to you

at around a week before the concert.


I will need your hotel info in Japan when you know it;

  • hotel name
  • hotel address
  • hotel booking name (if you are coming with your friend or family and booking was made under different person’s name then I will need to know that name along with your name)
  • arrival date


C-ute Saitama Super Arena 2017 Ticket


* Here is the “contact form” to bid for ticket(s).

To make all the ticket buying process smooth and easy for everyone,
I will not be able to respond questions sent via this “contact form”.
Please kindly understand :).

Any questions, please leave comment on this blog. Thanks!

Oh you may find more info on my previous posts “C-ute Saitama Arena ticket 2017” and

C-ute SSA ticket 2017 How much?“. So check them out also :D!!


C-ute SSA ticket 2017 How much?

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Hello every one!


Thank you for the questions on my previous post “C-ute Saitama Arena ticket 2017” and

warm welcome back comment ^_^ <3. Arigato!!

I have added P.S. for the question from Josh about becoming the H!P fan club member to enter the FC ticket lottery and in this post will answer the question from virgil.

You may want to read “C-ute Saitama Arena ticket 2017” to fully understand this post.


So here we go!

virgil wants to know

how much would the ticket cost for such a concert on Yahoo auction and also how the process will be.

How much would the ticket cost?

This is all depends how much people want to bid on the auction, however I think

giving the winning price on Buono! concert August 25th 2016

may give you an idea,

so will write how much it was for Buono! concert ticket.

Before I start writing, the venue will be different from Buono! concert.

Buono! was held at Nippon Budokan, capacity 14,471.

C-ute concert will be at Saitama Super Arena, capacity 37,000. Oh so SSA will have more seats, that seems good :).

C-ute Saitama Super Arena 2017 ticket cost

OK! So writing about how much.

As I checked, there were

1) 58 auction history in May, June and July 2016

(this was when and after the FC lottery result came out) and

the winning price was between 10,000 ~ 17,500yen.* 1


Since the original FC ticket price was 8,300yen, the auction price was not that bad.


2) 681 auctions in August. * 2

The first FC ticket with seat number came out on August 9th which is 16 days prior to the concert (the concert was August on 25th so it was 2 weeks + 2 days before the concert).

The lowest won FC ticket was 7,850yen on August 18th.

The seat number was

2nd floor NorthEast stand Row D between 13-26.

For Budokan seat map example, refer this link.

The price was even cheaper than the original FC price 8,300yen (@.@)…


The most expensive FC ticket was 270,000yen.

Yes crazy high price.

The seat number was

Arena B5 between 1~9 (maybe the first row).

For Budokan seat map example, refer this link.


OK, to make the article simple, I will write the process in different post =).

Phew~~~~, I am doing a good work, amn’t I xp hehe!! OK later~~~!


Related posts: “C-ute SSA ticket 2017 Buying process” and “C-ute Saitama Arena ticket 2017” (had the link in the article also)


Additional note:

Here are some other things I noticed while searching, but did not want to write in the article since it would get confusing.

Here is the additional note for the mark *1 in the article.

1) The number of auctions held in May, June, July were 10, 20 and 28 each.

Auctions held in July, there were tickets with seat number.

Those were probably achieved with normal ticket sales which is super competitive with these concert.

So I am not going to help you with this normal ticket sale. Too much work with super low reward (close to 0 chance to get the ticket with calling the number for 15 minutes non stop or going to convenience store 10am and such).

2) In August, there were non FC tickets with seat number and FC tickets without seat number sold

before the FC ticket with seat number came out on August 9th.

C-ute Saitama Arena ticket 2017

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Hello there.

I have asked about the C-ute last concert ticket that will be held next June (June 2017) at Saitama Super Arena.
He wanted to know if I can help him.

So I will share the reply to his question here.

There are several ways though, these are 2 most recommended.

1)  Buy a FC ticket on Yahoo auction

     (the biggest Japanese auction site) when the fan club lottery result comes out.

     This is usually sometime 3-6 months before the concert.

     At this time the seat number is not known.

2) Buy a FC ticket on Yahoo auction

     around 2 weeks prior to the concert when the ticket is shipped to the FC

     members so the auctions are with seat number.

Here is the link to the Yahoo auction result keyword

C-ute Saitama Arena FC

so if you see tickets come out and want to ask me to get hold a ticket for you, you can leave comment here :).

Any questions, feel free to leave comments.
OK! Later!!

Related posts:”C-ute SSA ticket 2017 How much?” and “C-ute SSA ticket 2017 Buying process


P.S. Have asked whether to become

the H!P fan club member and enter the FC lottery is the best way.

Here is what I think.

Those big concert such as disbanding and popular member graduation,


For the Buono! reuniting concert last month (August 25th 2016),
I went for the FC lottery with 3 memberships for my friends and just won 1.

It costs 6,100yen (without any fee) to just join the FC

so I think it might be better to put that 6,100yen for the bidding money.

The decision is all yours so if you want to become the FC member and enter the lottery, I can help you with that also. For those people contact me quick since the FC lottery usually be held 3-6 months prior to the concert, and it takes a month or a month and a half to become the member after the payment to join so I believe

you would want to join the FC in September 2016

or top October to be safe :).

Oh, one more thing.

If you are already the H!P FC member then you should go for the lottery since you do not have to pay that 6,100yen.

In that case, I can help you also.

So let me know when the FC will have the lottery (should be sometime between Dec 2016 ~ March 2017).

Star Wars: The Force Awakens at 4Dx theater

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Hi everyone!

It has been more than a year that I last updated this blog.

I was a bit tired blogging a year and a bit ago probably because it has been all about business related post.
I felt like I had to upload something related my business and it became less fun for me unfortunately.


I will just write something I feel like writing :). Basically I love writing :)!


Since one of my friends from Holland, duh uncle cookie mentioned that he was going to watch “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” about 2 weeks ago, so I did too.

Well, actually I was not really going to watch “Star Wars” to tell you the truth.
I just wanted to go see movies with my boyfriend since it has been like

2 years!! TOO LONG—–!!!

Go to see a movie is to me like really date like thing, so I wanted to do that.

A 4Dx theater

was opened last month in Kashihara, Nara prefecture which is about 30 minutes from where I live so we decided to go there. Out of 10 screen rooms, there was only one with 4Dx setting.

And with that screen room, they were playing “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

The scene that came to me the most was that the main character Rey used her force (I think) for the first time when she was captured by dark side.

4Dx theater, I am not sure what to say. My boyfriend pretty liked it and enjoyed it but being jumpy, I felt that I would rather enjoy at normal theater so I do not have to be bothered every time the wind blow from back of the chair and stuffs XDD.

That is all————————-!

Happy New Year everyone!
Hope it will be a wonderful year for you all!!


Please like my facebook page!

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Hi there!


How are you doing this weekend?

I have decided to move my normal Hello! Project & M-Line goods update

on my facebook page.



I will probably update on my blog as other updates such as

directions in Japan, meeting up with my friends but not the goods update

since it would be a lot easier to do it on facebook.

Please like my facebook page to have the updates on your facebook timeline!


Oh, if you have purchase from me and were happy with your purchase,

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Anything About Japan facebook page Reviews

Thank you & have a great weekend!!


Moving to facebook or not?

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Hello there!

I am thinking about making my blog and all the info mainly to facebook since it might

be easier and simpler for me to update the info.

What would you think?

Please comment if you need this blog for some reasons then I will think and figure out

what I can do!


Meeting up with Ho, Kai & Phil!!

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Hello everyone!

How are you doing?


It is middle of the night here in Japan at 2:45 me woke up from my long 5 hour

nap at mid night and writing a blog here :p :p :p.

How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty awesome!!


I met up with Ho-kun, Kai-kun, Phil on Friday May 9th!

Here is the photo of us at a very nice Japanese restaurant, “Kasuga” near JR Nara station.

From left to right, Ho-kun, me, Kai-kun, Phil and some food at the middle XD!

Ho-kun, Me, Kai-kun, Phil at a nice Japanese restaurant in Nara


It was SO MUCH FUN to meet up with you guys

Ho-kun, Kai-kun, Phil!


Thank you SO VERY MUCH for coming to see me in Nara!!!

I was super surprised when I heard when Ho-kun said (actually messaged

me via facebook)

“We are going to Shinagawa now to take the train” around 2pm on Friday.

I went

“Eh? Shinagawa? Shinagawa you mean Shinagawa in TOKYO?!?!?!?!”

It was Shinagawa in Tokyo.

I was super surprised that you guys are coming all the way from Tokyo to meet

me in Nara.

Thank you SO VERY MUCH! I felt SO LOVED!!!!!!

This is the 3 guys in Shinkansen heading to Nara XD!

In Shinkansen


We eventually met up at JR Nara station a little before 6pm.

Moved to the restaurant “Kasuga” straight away.

On the way to the restaurant and of course at the restaurant we talked

over a lot of stuffs on music, food, things about the countries we all are from etc etc.

It was just really fun being with so happy 3 people!

For Phil, it was the 9TH TIME for him to come to Japan!

He is an expert traveler.

For Kai-kun, this is the 4th time and for Ho-kun this is the 3rd :).

So happy to hear that how you love Japan (*^^*).


This is the sushi we ate. It was SO DELICIOUS!!!

I need to go back and eat this again!!

Sushi at restaurant Kasuga


We also ordered “Tenpura mori (the left photo)”,

“Mentaiko dashi maki (walleye pollack roe rolled by egg, the right photo)”,

Tenpura Mentaiko-maki

“Umaki (eel rolled by egg)” and some others.

We could only chat about less than 2 hours since they needed to go back to Tokyo,

but it was a lot fun.

Really thank you very much Ho-kun, Kai-kun, Phil!!


Here are some photos of the guys at yesterday’s event they attended!

This one is the photo before the event.


Ready to roll for the cheki events


The chekis with idols!!!



Kai-kun and Phil will be leaving Japan for this time today.

Ho-kun has some more days to go!

Safe trip back to the countries today Kai-kun & Phil and let’s meet up

in November or December when you come back!!




Phil, thanks for the souvenir!

The first Macaron in my life from you (^0^)/~~! Oishii!!!

Macaron from Phil



How to say “Want to” in Japanese

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As I shot a new Japanese Lesson video on my YouTube yesterday,

I am writing on it and explain a bit more about the Lesson I made.


I explain how to say

“I want to do something” in Japanese :).



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“Want to” part is “たい (tai)” in Japanese.


You will add this “tai” after verbs.


There are some rules when you add this “tai”.

Will explain the most basic pattern first then move on to other 2 patterns.

** Pattern 1 **

First of all, Japanese verbs end withu” sound in the dictionary form

(dictionary form = the most simply form and this one you see

in the dictionary when you look the words up).


When you add “tai” to say ‘I want to do something’ in Japanese

you would need to change the ending to “i” sound.


For example,

If you want to say “I want to go”, then “go” in Japanese is “iku (行く)”

so you change the last “u” to “i” ( = “iku” —> “Iki“) and add “tai”.

That will make “iki tai” = “want to go”.

If you want to say “I want to go to Nippon Budokan” then

“Nippon Budokan ni ikitai” would be the sentence :D!

The word “magaru (曲がる)” = “make turn”

would change as

“magaru” —> “magari” + “tai” —> “magaritai” = want to make turn

The word “aruku (歩く)” = “walk”

would change as

“aruku” —> “aruki” + “tai —> “arukitai” = want to take a walk

** Pattern 2 **

The verbs end with “suru”

will have slightly different way when adding the “tai”.


For these, you will take off the last “ru” and change the second last

sound “su” to “shi” (changing “u” to “i” the same as pattern 1)

For these verbs, you can just think take off “suru” and replace

it with “shitai”.

Whichever easy for you to remember would be good I think.


For example,

If you want to say “want to drive”, “drive” in Japanese is “unten suru (運転する)”

so you will take off “suru” and replace with “shitai”.

So it will be “unten shitai”


With the word “move”, “move” in Japanese is “idou suru (移動する)”

so “ido shitai” will be “want to move”

If you want to say “I want to move to some place else” then

“betsu no basho ni idou shitai” would be the sentence.

In above sentence “betsu no basho” = different place

And…. as I am writing this blog….. I just discovery something else that

I did not notice while I was shooting the video…… (*__*). Oopsy oopsy……..!

Sorry! Being Japanese, I really do not know the grammatical rules very well….

Forgive me!!

So add the additional video here.

** Pattern 3 **

The verbs end with “e + ru”.

This “e” means the sound with vowel “e” such as “ke”, “se”, te” etc.


For these verbs, take off the last “ru” and just add “tai”.

The verb “eat in Japanese is taberu(食べる)”.

If you want to say “I want to eat”

it will be “tabe” + “tai” —-> “tabetai” = I want to eat.

Another example,

the verb “ageru (あげる)” is “give” in Japanese.

If you want to say “want to give” then it will be

“agetai” take off the “ru” and just add “tai”.

If you want to say “I want to give a present to my girlfriend”

it will be

“kanojo ni present wo agetai”

In above sentense “kanojo” is a girlfriend in Japanese ;).


Please subscribe my channel if you like my video. Thank you!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave comment at the video!

Hope my teaching will progress in time so as your Japanese!!!