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The Right Turn Clyde Band

Updated on : September 6, 2013   *  Last modified on : November 8, 2016



Hi there!


I am writing something personal today!

It is about my friend’s band

“The Right Turn Clyde”!


Today is their 9th anniversary!!

        Congrats the Right Turn Clyde!!


The Right Turn Clyde


One of my good friends from the US, Stan Grady (2nd from the left :D)

is the keyboardist of the band!

He sing the lead, backup and also plays the keyboard!

The neat part of this band is all the members,

Stan the keyboardist, Tony the drummer, Mike the guitarist and Barry the basis

everyone can sing the lead as a singer!! Pretty cool, isn’t it?!





Stan  Stan's Stan's2 Stan3


Stan is one of the very good friends I made while I was in the US as

an exchange student while~~~ back XD!

We had the same chorus class.

The class was really great!! Wonderful teacher, wonderful friends!!


When I first got to the US, my English was pretty poor.

I had hard time understanding if people spoke in the normal speed.

In the music class though, I was pretty comfortable with people in quite early time.

Maybe because I had the role to play the piano in the class, people recognized

me and said hi to me and stuffs ^ ^. Always warm atmosphere in the class.

Anyways it was absolute my No.1 favorite class throughout the year!


Oh, this October

they are having choral reunion!!

How I wish I could be there!!!!!


It would be SO GREAT to meet the friends from the class and also Mr. Gilliam, our teacher!!!

Every time I visit the US, I tried to see him (^-^).


Oh got excited about the reunion :p, let’s get back to the Stan’s band.



If you are living in or near NC,they seem

having some lives on September 7th, 13th and 21st.

Check out here for the details!!


If you have a facebook account and want to be updated on your timeline,

like their facebook page, then it will update you their info ;)!!


If you want to see their live performances,

there are quite many on YouTube!



Japanese : Ask directions in Japan

Updated on : September 4, 2013


Hi there!


I have been thinking of making Japanese Lesson videos on YouTube,

and finally recorded one lesson last week, yay!


Here is the lesson video.

I am going to explain the keywords in the video on this blog.

Since this was the first trial for me, the contents can be improved a lot :p.

Hope you will bare it!!


OK here you go :)!


In this video, I used Nippon Budokan as an example since there are friends

who are going to C-ute concert in Nippon Budokan on Sep 9th :D!

Used this map as an example.

Trying to get Nippon Budokan from exit 2 on the map XD!



As with my experience with English,

we tried to understand everything said in un-known languages

when we try to understand them, but that is not a good idea.


If you tried to understand everything,

then you would get stuck with the words you do not understand and

fail to listen the rest of the sentences. And that is not what you want to do.


So first, try to remember the very essential words.


Believe me or not, if you pay attention to the words you understand,

you will get the idea where the conversation going than try to understand every single word!!


Pay attention to the keywords.

Try NOT to understand every single word

especially if you are a beginner!!

Goooooood luck!



There are 4 essential keywords in the video.

Try to remember these 4!

1) すみません (su mi ma sen)

Excuse me

– – – 26 seconds in the video

This is a good word to remember.

You can use in many occasions when you want to get attention.


2) まっすぐ (ma ssu gu)


– – – 39 seconds, 49 seconds, 54 seconds


If you ask directions, you would be hearing this word and if you know the meaning of this word, it will be a lot easier to understand what the person is saying, so try to remember this one =D!!


3) ひだり (hi da ri)


– – – 42 seconds, 47 seconds, 1 min 18 seoncds


This is also an essential word when you ask directions!


4) みぎ (mi gi)


– – – 1 min 3 seoncds


This one as well!



If will try to explain more in a few days of other keywords in the video

for those who are comfortable with above 4 keywords already.

Those of you who are rather advanced Japanese learner!

So stay tuned~~~!!


Thanks for watching and reading!!!