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My karate kid, Merumo

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How are you doing today?

Did you have a nice weekend?

Me? I DID, I DID, I DID o(^-^o)(o^-^)o!


I went to my first H!P concert ever at Orix theater in Osaka on Saturday July 27th,

will write on this a bit later!

And met up with my lovely lovely niece at night and the following Sunday!

My niece does Karate

and she came to Osaka for a karate tournament.


My niece after the tournament with trophy + me :p.

She got the 3rd place! Good job Merumo!!


Meru and me


Don’t we look alike?!?! Kya——– ehehehe!

I just love this girl so much!!!!!


This is before the opening. The kids get together accordance with their age and lined up.

Byakuren Kaikan 2013, Opening

The tournament held on Sunday was the national tournament of Byakuren Kaikan.

There are several branches of Karate, and my niece belongs to Kyokusin kan.

My niece loves karate very much and she travels around to participate in the tournaments.

Even with the different branches. That seems a bit rare.

I am very happy that she has something that she enjoys that much!


On the tournament, the way they carry out the tournament is different on branches

and so as the rules.

At Kyokusin Kan tournaments (the one my niece belongs),

they have enough intervals between the matches so kids can get enough rest between the matches,

but Byakuren Kaikan’s match the one we attended this weekend,

the matches just go on until they know the top 2.


The kids gotta to fight every other match in Byakuren Kaikan tournament,

so it almost non interval between the matches. One match takes only a minute and a half.

So in the tournament of Byakuren Kaikan match much stamina is required.


This is my niece before the first match (the one sitting on the floor at the middle), with lots of tense.


Meru before the match


Looked very pale. She gets VERY nervous before the first match every time.

She does well even with the nervousness though.


I could not take the photos of my niece when she fought since I got in the area and cheered her,

but this is the girl who beat my niece.

Strong girl

She is 6 cm taller than my niece plus 16kg heavier than my niece!!!

She looked in different standard from everyone else!!


My niece fought pretty well with the girl, gets 1 draw from a judge.

2 out of 3 judges thought the other girl was better. Seemed pretty fair.


The match started at 10:40 in the morning and ended at 11:00 already for my niece Sunday XD.

It was the quickest tournament ever!!!

We could stay and watch the other matches but since my niece wanted to go to Johnny’s shop

(Johnny’s is a Japanese men’s idol) and other shops in Osaka,

so we decided to roam around together and have fun!


Maybe write on that in other post ;)!

It was just a lovely day with my niece!!!!


If you wanna see more Karate kids photos,

you can check this blog out!

This is my sis in law writes on my niece Karate Dojo (photos by my brother).
Many photos of genki kids! You will probably enjoy it!!




Fun with Tony, Haruka & Miki!

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How are you doing?

I went to Osaka yesterday to meet up with my friend Tony and his 2 girls!


It was SO MUCH FUN~~~!

Tony married to a Japanese woman so he gets to come back to his idol land Japan every summer!

Bet very envious situation for those idol fans oversea XD!! Tony seems to enjoy every minute of it.


We met up last summer for the first time (met up twice) so this was the second time for us to meet.

Tony has 2 cute daughters named Haruka and Miki!

I met Miki last year but not Haruka. Haruka had a plan with her friend and could not come but this time, yay!!


This is Haruka, Miki and me at a 31 ice cream shop after Yakiniku.

Tony took me to the nice Yakiniku dinner. Thanks Tony———!!!


Haru, Miki, me

Hehe, love this pic!


This is Tony, Miki and me.


Tony, Miki, me


We met up a bit past 1 in the afternoon at Kid’s Plaza Osaka yesterday.

There are many fun stuffs at this plaza that we can try and experience a lot of stuffs.


You can try being a TV caster, reporter. This is how that came out!

Pretty cool, isn’t it?!?!

We have tried voice acting too! That was pretty much fun as well =D!


Haruka and Miki tried crafting as well.

Making a ghost with pieces of wood.

Left photo is Haruka and right one is Miki.


You cannot see it very well though, Miki (on the right photo) got really big and thick wood block.

I think it took her like 20 minutes to cut it XD. She got all tired up after this program XDDDDD.

Good job Miki and Haruka!!

This is Miki’s work.                                                                     And this one is Haruka’s.


The instructor showed all the kids’ work at the end.

Haruka & Miki with their crafted ghosts!



Miki enjoys drums and some other music instruments.


Miki and I played “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” together with the instrument on the right photo!

Dina-chan a friend of mine from Indonesia taught me that the instrument on the right photo is called

angklung” a traditional Indonesian instrument!! Cooool! Thanks Dina-chan!!


Haruka is a fashion girl, trying on all kind of ethnic clothes they had =D!



Close to this dressing section, they had a big globe that you can hear greeting and some other stuffs in many languages by plugging in a telephone looking tube.


It was so much fun!

Thank you Tony, Haruka and Miki!!! Let’s meet up again next year (^3^)!!!!!

Oh for the side note, Kid’s plaza allow us to go out and re-enter on the same day.

Maybe we can go there earlier if we gonna go again and in case girls want to be there longer =D.

Sounded they did (^ ^).


For those who are interested in visiting,

the admission fee is 600yen for elementary and junior high students.

1,200yen for adult.

For more info, check out the homepage.

Ah~ tanoshikatta——– (*^0^*) !!!!!!


P.S.  This is Miki last year.


Did not think she has changed that much as we met and played but comparing the photos,

she has changed a lot!!!

Her front teeth must have got the adult’s ones I just noticed by seeing this photo!!

She looked more small child like with rounder face line and all!!

The cuteness has not changed a bit though <3 <3 <3 !!



What to do in Summer in Japan!

Updated on : July 17, 2013



Hi there~!

It is July 18th! It is summer, it is summer!!!

Japan’s summer is humid and hot and cannot say it is very comfortable, but I came to notice that I probably like summer the best among all the seasons!!

I feel like I have to do something fun!!

Spring and Autumn are really nice seasons with nice climate, but guess I like summer the best.

Did not really think about that till now ( *´艸`).

What is big in Japan in summer is FIREWORKS~~~~! Yay~~~~~~~!!!!!

Fireworks in Japan  Fireworks in Japan

We have so many fire works throughout Japan!


Since one of my friends, Tony is back in Kobe Japan,

I will make some lists of fireworks in Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara + Shiga & Wakayama)

where he and his family would probably be easy to reach.

So that would be in Hyogo and Osaka :).



Minato Kobe Kaijo Hanabi Taikai, Kobe city, Hyogo

Date & time : August 3rd (Sat)

Station : JR & Hanshin Motomachi station (15 mins walk),

JR and other line Sannomiya station (30 mins walk) etc.

Please ask if you need further information.

Number of fireworks : About 10,000 WOW~~~!


Tenjin Matsuri Hono Hanabi Firework, Osaka

Date & time : July 25th (Thu) 19:30 – 20:50

Station : JR Sakuranomiya station (west exit), Osaka subway Tenmabashi station

Number of fireworks : About 5000


Naniwa Yodogawa Hanabi Taikai, Osaka

Date & time : August 10th (Sat) 19:50 – 20:40

If it rains postponed to the next day August 11th (Sun)

Station : Can reach from various stations,

Hankyu Juso staion or Minamikata station, Hanshin Himeshima station etc etc.

Please ask if you need further information.

Number of fireworks : NA


Here is the list of the fireworks in Hyogo 2013

and in Osaka. It is in Japanese though, if you want further info on some of the fireworks,

let me know from comment, I may be able to help~.

This is the link to the fireworks site throughout Japan in case you are someone

who is visiting Japan now besides Kansai area ;).



Fireworks in Japan