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Updated on : August 8, 2017

With request from Andreas who is big fan of Biohazard, bought this gacha item on Yahoo auction.

Seems that the Biohazard character is shown with light.

Bought this at this seller’s shop on Yahoo oimrof777.

This seller has all kinds of Gacha items (of complete set) if you have some Gacha item you want.


Mano Erina Autograph Chance

Updated on : October 25, 2016


Hi everyone~!

What shall I write today?


Oh, since Robert messaged me about Mano Erina new photobook of Wanibooks Special Edition yesterday, let’s write about that.


What is so special about Wanibooks Special Edition is that if you buy the photobook there, you will get extra something.


Here are the details.

Item Mano Erina photobook
Special 1

Chance to win her autograph with your name!!

For 100 people

Special 2 (this is for everyone) Photo
Order due Nov 2nd
Your total (for ordering one) 5,164yen (1,000yen is my fee)
Payment method paypal


I will make YOUR ACCOUNT on the site so you will have YOUR OWN NAME on winning the autograph.


Leave a comment here with the following information if you want to order through me.

Your name (Family name, Given name order)

Will be used when winning the autograph

Your email address
Number of your purchase (if ordering more than 1)


This is the URL for the photobook.

OK! Later!!


Please like my facebook page!

Updated on : September 6, 2014


Hi there!


How are you doing this weekend?

I have decided to move my normal Hello! Project & M-Line goods update

on my facebook page.


I will probably update on my blog as other updates such as

directions in Japan, meeting up with my friends but not the goods update

since it would be a lot easier to do it on facebook.

Please like my facebook page to have the updates on your facebook timeline!


Oh, if you have purchase from me and were happy with your purchase,

please leave the review since I just set up the “Reviews” function on

my facebook page. Thanks——-!


Anything About Japan facebook page Reviews

Thank you & have a great weekend!!


Moving to facebook or not?

Updated on : August 13, 2014



Hello there!

I am thinking about making my blog and all the info mainly to facebook since it might

be easier and simpler for me to update the info.

What would you think?

Please comment if you need this blog for some reasons then I will think and figure out

what I can do!


Meeting up with Ho-kun!

Updated on : May 28, 2013   *  Last modified on : November 14, 2016


Hi there!

I had a friend came over to Nara today~ =D.

Ho-kun from Canada!!!

I did not know it until after I meet up with him though,

he came to Nara to see me from Tokyo today.


He was in Hiroshima yesterday,
so I assumed that he stayed there in Hiroshima last night and
passing Osaka or something today, but he actually went back to Tokyo last night from Hiroshima
and then come to Nara from Tokyo today OMG OMG OMG!!!!


A snapshot of Ho-kun’s yesterday railway tickets (@<>@)!!!!

Leaving Shinagawa, Tokyo 6:34 in the morning to Shin-Osaka and Hiroshima.

Hummmmm as I checked on the internet, it seems

the distance between Tokyo station and Hiroshima station is about


Sugoi (= amazing).

Get to Hiroshima right before noon and tour around and go back to Tokyo in ONE DAY—- OMG!!!!

It is really amazing that people manage to travel around so much during their stay!!!


I am kind of lazy one who take a nap even when I go abroad, so people really amaze me!!!

When Ethan was in Japan, he also said something “Oh yeah, I can come over to meet you up one day” and he sounded like he was coming from Tokyo to meet me,
so I felt like “oh no- that is just too much traveling for you, isn’t it?!?!”
but… now I think people thinks pretty much differently from how I think (@.@)!!!!!

Bikkuri, bikkuri, bukkuri! (surprise, surprise, surprise XDDD).


Probably Ho-kun being Asian, I started to talk to him in Japanese today XDD

I think I do that to other people as well, but I think it was obviously more often today.

DSC_0474    DSC_0475

We went to Yayoi-ken at JR Nara station and eat.

Ho-kun trying to buy a ticket for his menu.
And this is what he got :D. A Katsu-don & Udon set.


2 people with unexpected gifts being happy.

MeWithWine      DSC_0476

After that, we went out and walk around a bit.


Ho-kun said there are temples and shrines everywhere in Japan.

Without him, I would just pass by the temple.

When I walk with people from other countries, I just notice that there are so many things just
do not get my attention and pass by everyday??

It is fun to walk around with people since they are like a little kid?!
Just looks like notice EVERYTHING they see =D!!!


Me in front of five storied pagada of Kofukuji temple.

I was kind of sissy today after getting over my recent cold, I needed ask Ho-kun to
take a break :p, so we went in to a Mister Donut, a donut shop and have some tea and chat =D.


It was fun!!

Thank you for the visit Ho-kun—!
Have a wonderful time for the rest of your stay!!!!!



Reina grad tribute from fans worldwide

Updated on : May 22, 2013




One of my friends Smaui from Holland share his music and video on facebook so I am sharing here as well.

Awesome music, photos, videos to celebrate Reina’s graduation!!!

I hope she will get to see this and enjoy!


SO MUCH LOVE to her in this video!!!!!!


I did the lyrics translation by the way~~~ :p.