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Meeting up with Ho, Kai & Phil!!

Updated on : May 11, 2014




Hello everyone!

How are you doing?


It is middle of the night here in Japan at 2:45 me woke up from my long 5 hour

nap at mid night and writing a blog here :p :p :p.

How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty awesome!!


I met up with Ho-kun, Kai-kun, Phil on Friday May 9th!

Here is the photo of us at a very nice Japanese restaurant, “Kasuga” near JR Nara station.

From left to right, Ho-kun, me, Kai-kun, Phil and some food at the middle XD!

Ho-kun, Me, Kai-kun, Phil at a nice Japanese restaurant in Nara


It was SO MUCH FUN to meet up with you guys

Ho-kun, Kai-kun, Phil!


Thank you SO VERY MUCH for coming to see me in Nara!!!

I was super surprised when I heard when Ho-kun said (actually messaged

me via facebook)

“We are going to Shinagawa now to take the train” around 2pm on Friday.

I went

“Eh? Shinagawa? Shinagawa you mean Shinagawa in TOKYO?!?!?!?!”

It was Shinagawa in Tokyo.

I was super surprised that you guys are coming all the way from Tokyo to meet

me in Nara.

Thank you SO VERY MUCH! I felt SO LOVED!!!!!!

This is the 3 guys in Shinkansen heading to Nara XD!

In Shinkansen


We eventually met up at JR Nara station a little before 6pm.

Moved to the restaurant “Kasuga” straight away.

On the way to the restaurant and of course at the restaurant we talked

over a lot of stuffs on music, food, things about the countries we all are from etc etc.

It was just really fun being with so happy 3 people!

For Phil, it was the 9TH TIME for him to come to Japan!

He is an expert traveler.

For Kai-kun, this is the 4th time and for Ho-kun this is the 3rd :).

So happy to hear that how you love Japan (*^^*).


This is the sushi we ate. It was SO DELICIOUS!!!

I need to go back and eat this again!!

Sushi at restaurant Kasuga


We also ordered “Tenpura mori (the left photo)”,

“Mentaiko dashi maki (walleye pollack roe rolled by egg, the right photo)”,

Tenpura Mentaiko-maki

“Umaki (eel rolled by egg)” and some others.

We could only chat about less than 2 hours since they needed to go back to Tokyo,

but it was a lot fun.

Really thank you very much Ho-kun, Kai-kun, Phil!!


Here are some photos of the guys at yesterday’s event they attended!

This one is the photo before the event.


Ready to roll for the cheki events


The chekis with idols!!!



Kai-kun and Phil will be leaving Japan for this time today.

Ho-kun has some more days to go!

Safe trip back to the countries today Kai-kun & Phil and let’s meet up

in November or December when you come back!!




Phil, thanks for the souvenir!

The first Macaron in my life from you (^0^)/~~! Oishii!!!

Macaron from Phil



With Reina fan around the world!

Updated on : May 23, 2013


Taking over from the previous post Sightseeing Osaka with Ari No.2

After the Umeda Sky Building we headed to the Umeda Akaso where the LovendoR live was held.

Since Ari got the tickets with No.17 & 18 for lining up to enter, Ari got the second row and I got first row!!!

The reason why I got in the first row was that there were

an area called “Girl’s zone”,

I thought it was kind of odd but since I can get close to the stage, no complaint needed to make you know ;)!

A girl from Thailand named June-chan also got in the first row right next to me due to the girl’s privilege =D.

LovendoR did about 10 songs during the live I believe.

This was the first live or concert that I attended but it was quite fun and with SUPER good location =D!

I quite got to like one of the guitarists Miyazawa Marin. She speaks at a very low voice with kind of low tension and  it kind of got me XDDD.

After the live, Ariel, Robert from Germany, June-chan from Thailand, Sabrina from Austria, Nathan from Canada, Eiji from Saitama, Japan and some other people waited at the area if we get to see Reina when she and her band members come out.

The van was parked right in front of the live venue door, so we were not sure if we get to see her but we did!

The van had the curtains around to hide Reina and other girls’ from the site, but

Reina opened one of the curtains and waved to us.

It was very cute and also nice of her.

After seeing the van go off, we went to an Izakaya, a Japanese style drinking and eating place.


From the left, Ariel, Sabrina, Nathan, Eiji, Robert and June-chan!

Oh the Mentai Udon noodle (it is the plate in front of Ariel, the photo just recalled about it XD)
Ariel and I ordered was SO DELICIOUS!!!



Cat cafe aka neko cafe in Japan

Updated on : April 28, 2013   *  Last modified on : December 22, 2016

Hello there~!

Since one of my friends Neko (of course this is not his real name though XD) asked me about “Neko cafe (cat cafe)” in Japan, thought about do a bit of research on it and write about it.

I guess we have many weird (?) types of cafe nowadays in Japan, start with
“Maid cafe”, “Shitsuji cafe (butler cafe)“, “Neko cafe”, “Samurai cafe”, “Handa duke cafe” that you can try soldering etc.(didn’t even know about some of these until today!!)

OK, let’s get back to Neko cafe XD.

Check out the videos on YouTube here. Clicking the link you will see the result of the videos for “Neko cafe”.

Neko cafe is a cafe that the cafe own some cats and the customers can play with the cats while you enjoy your cafe and tea. You can check the definition on the wikipedia here.


This is the photo I am borrowing from this neko cafe in Tokyo.

The shop has nice site with many photos and blog so go there, it is in Japanese but I think it will be fun to see those photos! Let’s stick with this shop to find out about the neko cafe. Since I do not know much about it, I cannot talk about general neko cafe, so referring this shop as an example ;).

In this neko cafe, seems there are 17 cats.

This probably be a special thing about this shop though, there are set price with hours.
This shop charges 150yen for 10 minutes and with the set price,
1) 1,500yen for 2 hours
2) 1,800yen for 3 hours (this is only available for weekdays)

You would need to order drink with separately from above charge.
The price of the drinks is between 200 – 500yen.
Also you can have anything to drink plan at 350yen. They have 5 kinds of hot drink and 5 kinds of cold drink.

This is the link for neko cafe throughout Japan. It is in Japanese though, looks you can find neko cafe pretty much anywhere in Japan if you want to go.

Man, there are so many things I do not know about Japan~~~~ lol!
I am pretty interested in “Samurai cafe“! It sounds pretty fun to go with person who loves Samurai stuffs!!!

Hope you enjoy the article! Nyan!

Ethan took me to a nice soba noodle! (Osaka)

Updated on : April 25, 2013

Hi there! How are you doing?

Last Saturday, I met up with Ethan from France in Osaka.

He had 2 Berryz Kobo concerts that day at NHK Osaka hall.

Arrived to JR Osaka station a little bit past 11am and emailed Ethan is now (it was our first time to meet in person, even we knew what we look like via facebook). When I picked up my phone and tried to phone his number, I saw someone with red gloves with phone in his hand!!

“Hey~ Ethan~~~!” “Oh Nozomi?” we eventually heading to the same exit without noticing XDD.

We did the nice to meet you time of greeting saying “hajime mashite~” and Ethan told me he has a place that he could take me for lunch.


This is the photo taken at the Osaka station while we are moving from JR Osaka to subway station.

I have live in Osaka for several years, but I am kind of person never be good at memorizing good places to eat and directions, it was nice that Ethan knew some places. It is kind of odd though, when I see my friends oversea, sometimes they know more about the area than I do lol.


This is the Soba restaurant ”Sobakiri Tsutaya” that Ethan took me. Very cozy Japanese looking restaurant.
The restaurant was on kind of hidden street and looked like known by those who know kind of place. Could be famous since there are so many people in line.

DSC_0464 DSC_0465

The left is what I ate and the right is Ethan with his dish :D.

The restaurant serves many kind of soba noodle and soba noodle seems to be their strength but I really liked that soup! It was duck soap (hot) and eat the noodle dipped in the soup like the photo below.


It was quite windy that day so the hot soup really pleased me.