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Eat even cheaper in Japan

Updated on : May 9, 2013

Hello~ how are you doing today?

Today, I will try to write an article again on “eat cheap in Japan”.

Even more cheap than the last article!

Eat edible weeds!!!!! Oh yeah~~~~~~!!!


weed1        weed2




Just in case, I am kidding ne haha-!

Do not eat weeds! It probably hard to tell the difference between edible and inedible XDDD!


OK now, here we go.

From what I know, eating out cost you more than eat in a house.
So… this time, I will try to think what you can do to eat in while you are traveling in Japan.


If you are staying at hostel of guest house type of inn,
it looks that they have easy cooking instruments such as toaster, microwave stuffs like that.

What you want eat probably depends on what you usually eating though,
I would just list things that would probably be cheap for you to try.


1.        Bread, usually cost 100 – 150yen for a loaf or pack 



2.        If you are getting a simple loaf of bread, 

you may want to buy somethingthat you can put on top. Such as cheese, butter, bacon etc.

Hum considering buying those extra something, it might be good to

buy something like that on the right on above picture…

3.        Cereal, looks the price for most products are more or less 1g = 1yen. 

This one in the picture is 380yen for 350g.


4.        If you are going for cereal, you would probably buy milk too right?


The milk would be around 200yen for 1 liter.

There are 500ml one as well at about 150yen.


5.        Yogurt might be good to buy as well. 

It would be 150-200yen for 400g product on the left and

around 200yen for the right type of products here below.

yogurt yogurt2

6.        Frozen pasta would be good too if your hostel has freezer you can use. 

It would be 100-200yen.


There should be more but just to give an idea!

 If you need to buy some plates, spoon and stuffs like that,
you can get them at 105yen at 100yen shops!

Some of the hostels might have them for the guests but I am not sure about that since I have never stayed those place before.

Oh I came up with something else too.

If your hostel has microwave, buy potato and heat it up in microwave
with some wrapper would be a good idea too.

The wrapper, you can of course buy it in 100yen shop
and potato would be 30-50 yen I believe.

You can eat with mayonnaise or something ne!
There is really tiny mayonnaise you can buy at super market probably around 100yen.

You can probably try with some other veges too :D!


Eat cheap in Japan

Updated on : May 1, 2013   *  Last modified on : October 12, 2016

Hello there!

Seems people are interested in keeping the cost low while they are in Japan,
so I will try to write about how to keep the expense low on meals :).

Let’s list some of the food chain or place that I found on the net that has good reputation for being reasonable.


Link to the menu & Logo Description

Hanamaru Udon


this on is udon noodle chain with very reasonable price small size plain udon at 130yen.

with the small size, you won’t be full though you can add some topping or onigiri (rice ball) or choose other size



Very inexpensive Italian chain.
Some spaghetti is served at 299yen

Italian Tomato


Italian family restaurant. not everything is inexpensive but there is a 300yen hot dog.



World famous burger chain XD! The cheapest burgers are 100yen (hamburger & Chicken Crisp). In Japan, you would get smaller everything though.

Morning menu available (from 5:00 to 10:30).



this is also a burger chain the cheapest menu seems hamburger at 180yen

Morning menu available (to 10:30).



Sandwich chain.Did not think Subway is inexpensive
but if you choose the cheapest sandwich (VEGGIE DELITE) is 300yen, so that is not bad



One of the family restaurant chain.This one also depends on what you order. Generally not that inexpensive but some menus are.

ex, mayo corn pizza 399yen
On weekdays, they have lunch menu at 499yen & 599yen.
Morning menu available (to 10:30).



One of the family restaurant chain.seems pretty reasonable, cannot tell what is the cheapest since menu is quite big

I see 422yen spaghettis.

Monday through Saturday, they have lunch menus at 422yen & 530yen.

Morning menu available (from 5:00 to 11:00). 422yen~



One of the gyudon chain.

The cheapest menu at 290yen small size gyudon. regular size at 350yen.
Morning menu (serves in the morning from 5:30 to 10:30) looks very very reasonable!!!



Another gyudon chain.

The cheapest seems regular gyudon at 330yen.

Morning menus, from 4:00 to 11:00.



Another gyudon chain lol.

The cheapest seems 240yen mini gyumeshi (= gyudon)



Another donburi meal chain.

the cheapest menu at 300yen, gyudon mini size, regular size 350yen

Side note, some of the morning menu is super reasonable, I may need to search on that in the future!!