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The directions to concert venues, highway bus waiting spots etc.

Direction to Nippon Budokan

Updated on : May 19, 2013



Since I know quite many of you are going to Reina graduation concert
at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, I am going ahead and write a post on

direction to the Nippon Budokan

so you can get excited and be prepared :p.

Here is the map from the nearest station.

The orange octagon is the Nippon Budokan on the map below.




The station name that you are getting off at is Kudan-shita station of either

Tokyo Metro “Tozai” line, “Hanzomon” line or subway “Shinjuku” line.

5 minutes walk from the station.

The exit 2 is the nearest exit,
however if it is crowded, you can get out or get in from exit No. 1 and 3 also.

To reach exit No.1 and 3 go up the pedestrian bridge to cross the road.


Have fun!!!!


How to get to the Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo

Updated on : May 18, 2013


Hi! How are you doing?

I know some of you are going to the concerts held at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo
(Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall) tomorrow so thought to make a map to get there.

Since I am not familiar with that area, I used the map I found on the internet as reference.
Should be OK.

Seems there are 6 stations you can get off at depending on what line you are using.

The orange area at the upper left in the map is where you want to go for the concert tomorrow.



1) If you are taking Tokyo Metro “Marunouchi” line,

get off at “Kasumigaseki” station.

3 minutes walk from exit B2.

2) If you are taking Tokyo Metro “Hibiya” or “Chiyoda” line,

get off at “Hibiya” station.

5 minutes walk from exit A14

For “Hibiya” and “Chiyoda” line, you can choose the following 3) and 4) also.

3) If you are taking Tokyo Metro “Hibiya” line,

get off at “Kasumigaseki” station.

4 minutes walk from exit A5

4) If you are taking Tokyo Metro “Chiyoda” line,

get off at “Kasumigaseki” station.

3 minutes walk from exit C4

5) If you are taking Subway “Mita” line,

get off at “Uchi-Saiwai-Cho” station.

3 minutes walk from exit A7

6) If you are taking JR, take either “Yamanote” or “Keihin-Tohoku” line and

get off either at “Shinbashi” or “Yuraku-cho” station.

15 minutes walk from “Hibiya Guchi” exit.

For the transaction from your hotel to the station of the concert hall,

this site (Hyperdia) will probably be useful!! Check it out!


Looks tomorrow will be fine weather but on the concert hall homepage,
it says to bring umbrella or rain coat. It will be outside hall so.

OK! I hope you all aave a great time at the concert!!!




Tokyo Kajibashi Parking

Updated on : May 17, 2013   *  Last modified on : September 11, 2017



Since there are many Hello! Project related bus tours start at Kajibashi Parking area in Tokyo, I made a map from Tokyo station for getting to the Kajibashi Parking where people are meeting up for the bus tours (for people departing from Tokyo).

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When you get to the JR Tokyo station, find the Yaesu South Exit.

This map above explains how to get the
Kajibashi parking from the Yaesu South Exit of Tokyo Station.

Here are the photos for the 4 landmarks on the map that you may see on the way.


1) Yanmer building



2) Logo of Yaesu Book Center



3) Logo of Joyo Bank



4) Yaesu Fujiya Hotel, seems blue board with white characters.The angle you see this hotel may different.


OK, that’s about it!
Hope it will help!

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How to get to Sky Building in Osaka Umeda

Updated on : May 16, 2013   *  Last modified on : September 11, 2017

Hi there!

How are you doing today?!

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Before writing on the sightseeing post in Osaka with Ari,
quickly updating this post for June since I think she needs the info tomorrow to catch the highway bus.

Ari and I went to the Sky Building 2 days ago and enjoyed the awesome views from 180 meter above!!!

Please be aware that this info is the translation of the instruction of the Willer Bus homepage.
If you are using this to get to the Willer Bus Terminal Osaka Umeda, make sure the terminal location has not changed when you read this blog!! Thanks!

OK! Here we go!


How to get to the Sky Building from JR Osaka station

“Chuo Kita Guchi” (north central exit).

It will be 12 minutes walk.


1) Follow the instruction of the signs in JR Osaka station to get to the “Yodobashi Camera”
(a big electric shop in Uemda) from Chuo Kita Guchi (central north exit).
The yellow board in the photo says “Chuo Kita Guchi”.


2) When you see the “Yodobashi Camera”, turn the left without crossing the crosswalk.
(You will see the “Yodobashi Camera” on your right at the moment)


3) Go straight until you get to an intersection.


4) Turn the left without crossing the road.


5) Go straight then you will see a trafic light on your right.


6) Cross the crosswalk here.
The glassy building on the left in the photo is the Sky Building.


7) Cross the crosswalk, you will see “GAP” in front of you.
* The bottom photo is the close-up of the above photo.


8) After crossing the crosswalk and cross another crosswalk on the left,
you will see an entrance to a underground passage.


9) Go straight of the underground passage.


10) You will see the steps at the end of the passage so go up the steps.


11) Go up the steps of the underground passage and cross the crosswalk,
you will see the “Sky Building”.


12) Get in to the ground of the Umeda sky building,
go forward about 20 meters to the right.


13) 1st floor of the Tower East, you will see the WILLER Bus Terminal.

Hope you will find it June ;)!!

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