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Writing the meet up with people from other countries. Could be meet up with my Japanese friends also (^_^).

Meeting up with Ho, Kai & Phil!!

Updated on : May 11, 2014




Hello everyone!

How are you doing?


It is middle of the night here in Japan at 2:45 me woke up from my long 5 hour

nap at mid night and writing a blog here :p :p :p.

How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty awesome!!


I met up with Ho-kun, Kai-kun, Phil on Friday May 9th!

Here is the photo of us at a very nice Japanese restaurant, “Kasuga” near JR Nara station.

From left to right, Ho-kun, me, Kai-kun, Phil and some food at the middle XD!

Ho-kun, Me, Kai-kun, Phil at a nice Japanese restaurant in Nara


It was SO MUCH FUN to meet up with you guys

Ho-kun, Kai-kun, Phil!


Thank you SO VERY MUCH for coming to see me in Nara!!!

I was super surprised when I heard when Ho-kun said (actually messaged

me via facebook)

“We are going to Shinagawa now to take the train” around 2pm on Friday.

I went

“Eh? Shinagawa? Shinagawa you mean Shinagawa in TOKYO?!?!?!?!”

It was Shinagawa in Tokyo.

I was super surprised that you guys are coming all the way from Tokyo to meet

me in Nara.

Thank you SO VERY MUCH! I felt SO LOVED!!!!!!

This is the 3 guys in Shinkansen heading to Nara XD!

In Shinkansen


We eventually met up at JR Nara station a little before 6pm.

Moved to the restaurant “Kasuga” straight away.

On the way to the restaurant and of course at the restaurant we talked

over a lot of stuffs on music, food, things about the countries we all are from etc etc.

It was just really fun being with so happy 3 people!

For Phil, it was the 9TH TIME for him to come to Japan!

He is an expert traveler.

For Kai-kun, this is the 4th time and for Ho-kun this is the 3rd :).

So happy to hear that how you love Japan (*^^*).


This is the sushi we ate. It was SO DELICIOUS!!!

I need to go back and eat this again!!

Sushi at restaurant Kasuga


We also ordered “Tenpura mori (the left photo)”,

“Mentaiko dashi maki (walleye pollack roe rolled by egg, the right photo)”,

Tenpura Mentaiko-maki

“Umaki (eel rolled by egg)” and some others.

We could only chat about less than 2 hours since they needed to go back to Tokyo,

but it was a lot fun.

Really thank you very much Ho-kun, Kai-kun, Phil!!


Here are some photos of the guys at yesterday’s event they attended!

This one is the photo before the event.


Ready to roll for the cheki events


The chekis with idols!!!



Kai-kun and Phil will be leaving Japan for this time today.

Ho-kun has some more days to go!

Safe trip back to the countries today Kai-kun & Phil and let’s meet up

in November or December when you come back!!




Phil, thanks for the souvenir!

The first Macaron in my life from you (^0^)/~~! Oishii!!!

Macaron from Phil



Meeting up with RYU—-CHAN!

Updated on : February 21, 2014




Hi there!

How are you doing?

I met up with Ryu-chan from UK last Thursday :D!!


I know Ryu-chan for more than an year by now I think :).

Oh as I checked through my conversation history on facebook with Ryu-chan,

our first contact was August 2nd 2012!

I somehow thought it was in winter but guess remembered wrong :p!

Met him through a facebook group but this was the first time to see him in person ( *´艸`).


A photo of Ryu-chan and me :p.



Even though the time spent was kind of short (about 2 hours), it was fun!!

Thank you for coming to see me in busy schedule Ryu-chan o(^-^o)(o^-^)o!!!!

We talked about family, work, music etc.


As I met a couple friends who moved to other countries from HK

before it was returned to China back in 1997,

it kind of fascinate me to listen to the story who in the family decided to move and stuffs,

cus moving to other countries seem pretty big thing to me.


When I asked about it to one of my friends Kibou-chan back in a while,

she said it is not really a big deal and

“as long as u work hard enough u will survive any country”

I thought it was SO COOL (^-^)b!


For Ryu-chan’s family, his grandpa decided to do it and he went to UK

alone first and prepared everything for the family and other people moved afterward.

According to Ryu-chan, his grandpa did not know any English when he first went to the UK.

It must be such an adventurous experience for the grandpa to went over and do all the stuffs!!!


When I told Ryu-chan about “San myaku (three pulses)”,

it is a way that you can tell life threatening situation by feeling three pulses of your body.

I am just pasting the link for “San myaku” on the internet (it is in Japanese) :p.

You will see what pulses you should feel at the link page about the middle ;).

It was funny that Ryu-chan was telling me the name of pulses that I was mentioning like


“Oh OK those are carotid and radial =D!!”


Doctor Ryu-chan you~~~ ( *´艸`) ( *´艸`) ( *´艸`)!!!


Thanks again to come and see me Ryu-chan!


It was pleasure meeting you!!!!


Hope you will enjoy rest of your stay!! Have fun ne!!!!!


xoxoxoxo <3



Fun with Tony, Haruka & Miki!

Updated on : July 25, 2013   *  Last modified on : July 29, 2013




How are you doing?

I went to Osaka yesterday to meet up with my friend Tony and his 2 girls!


It was SO MUCH FUN~~~!

Tony married to a Japanese woman so he gets to come back to his idol land Japan every summer!

Bet very envious situation for those idol fans oversea XD!! Tony seems to enjoy every minute of it.


We met up last summer for the first time (met up twice) so this was the second time for us to meet.

Tony has 2 cute daughters named Haruka and Miki!

I met Miki last year but not Haruka. Haruka had a plan with her friend and could not come but this time, yay!!


This is Haruka, Miki and me at a 31 ice cream shop after Yakiniku.

Tony took me to the nice Yakiniku dinner. Thanks Tony———!!!


Haru, Miki, me

Hehe, love this pic!


This is Tony, Miki and me.


Tony, Miki, me


We met up a bit past 1 in the afternoon at Kid’s Plaza Osaka yesterday.

There are many fun stuffs at this plaza that we can try and experience a lot of stuffs.


You can try being a TV caster, reporter. This is how that came out!

Pretty cool, isn’t it?!?!

We have tried voice acting too! That was pretty much fun as well =D!


Haruka and Miki tried crafting as well.

Making a ghost with pieces of wood.

Left photo is Haruka and right one is Miki.


You cannot see it very well though, Miki (on the right photo) got really big and thick wood block.

I think it took her like 20 minutes to cut it XD. She got all tired up after this program XDDDDD.

Good job Miki and Haruka!!

This is Miki’s work.                                                                     And this one is Haruka’s.


The instructor showed all the kids’ work at the end.

Haruka & Miki with their crafted ghosts!



Miki enjoys drums and some other music instruments.


Miki and I played “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” together with the instrument on the right photo!

Dina-chan a friend of mine from Indonesia taught me that the instrument on the right photo is called

angklung” a traditional Indonesian instrument!! Cooool! Thanks Dina-chan!!


Haruka is a fashion girl, trying on all kind of ethnic clothes they had =D!



Close to this dressing section, they had a big globe that you can hear greeting and some other stuffs in many languages by plugging in a telephone looking tube.


It was so much fun!

Thank you Tony, Haruka and Miki!!! Let’s meet up again next year (^3^)!!!!!

Oh for the side note, Kid’s plaza allow us to go out and re-enter on the same day.

Maybe we can go there earlier if we gonna go again and in case girls want to be there longer =D.

Sounded they did (^ ^).


For those who are interested in visiting,

the admission fee is 600yen for elementary and junior high students.

1,200yen for adult.

For more info, check out the homepage.

Ah~ tanoshikatta——– (*^0^*) !!!!!!


P.S.  This is Miki last year.


Did not think she has changed that much as we met and played but comparing the photos,

she has changed a lot!!!

Her front teeth must have got the adult’s ones I just noticed by seeing this photo!!

She looked more small child like with rounder face line and all!!

The cuteness has not changed a bit though <3 <3 <3 !!



Meeting up with Ho-kun!

Updated on : May 28, 2013   *  Last modified on : November 14, 2016


Hi there!

I had a friend came over to Nara today~ =D.

Ho-kun from Canada!!!

I did not know it until after I meet up with him though,

he came to Nara to see me from Tokyo today.


He was in Hiroshima yesterday,
so I assumed that he stayed there in Hiroshima last night and
passing Osaka or something today, but he actually went back to Tokyo last night from Hiroshima
and then come to Nara from Tokyo today OMG OMG OMG!!!!


A snapshot of Ho-kun’s yesterday railway tickets (@<>@)!!!!

Leaving Shinagawa, Tokyo 6:34 in the morning to Shin-Osaka and Hiroshima.

Hummmmm as I checked on the internet, it seems

the distance between Tokyo station and Hiroshima station is about


Sugoi (= amazing).

Get to Hiroshima right before noon and tour around and go back to Tokyo in ONE DAY—- OMG!!!!

It is really amazing that people manage to travel around so much during their stay!!!


I am kind of lazy one who take a nap even when I go abroad, so people really amaze me!!!

When Ethan was in Japan, he also said something “Oh yeah, I can come over to meet you up one day” and he sounded like he was coming from Tokyo to meet me,
so I felt like “oh no- that is just too much traveling for you, isn’t it?!?!”
but… now I think people thinks pretty much differently from how I think (@.@)!!!!!

Bikkuri, bikkuri, bukkuri! (surprise, surprise, surprise XDDD).


Probably Ho-kun being Asian, I started to talk to him in Japanese today XDD

I think I do that to other people as well, but I think it was obviously more often today.

DSC_0474    DSC_0475

We went to Yayoi-ken at JR Nara station and eat.

Ho-kun trying to buy a ticket for his menu.
And this is what he got :D. A Katsu-don & Udon set.


2 people with unexpected gifts being happy.

MeWithWine      DSC_0476

After that, we went out and walk around a bit.


Ho-kun said there are temples and shrines everywhere in Japan.

Without him, I would just pass by the temple.

When I walk with people from other countries, I just notice that there are so many things just
do not get my attention and pass by everyday??

It is fun to walk around with people since they are like a little kid?!
Just looks like notice EVERYTHING they see =D!!!


Me in front of five storied pagada of Kofukuji temple.

I was kind of sissy today after getting over my recent cold, I needed ask Ho-kun to
take a break :p, so we went in to a Mister Donut, a donut shop and have some tea and chat =D.


It was fun!!

Thank you for the visit Ho-kun—!
Have a wonderful time for the rest of your stay!!!!!



Osaka Castle with Ari!

Updated on : May 26, 2013   *  Last modified on : October 25, 2016



Ariel is now back in Argentina adjusting his body to Argentine time, and me

writing about sightseeing blog with him XDDD. Lazy me.

On May 15th Ari and I went to the Osaka Castle. We were looking around about a couple
of hours I think maybe about 3 hours? But if you want, you can spend whole day there.

Much to see.


Had neat conditioned walkway to the castle leading to a huge gate.


I think this was right inside the first big gate though, there were water place that we often see at the
entrance of temples and that sort. Seems it is called “Chouzubachi“.


At the entrance of the Castle Tower, there was this artillery gun looking thing.

Ari and I believed this was the actual gun used for wars, but it was said that this is used for
time signal.


The drawing displayed inside the Osaka Castle.
It was surprising that in those small drawing, people were recognized who that was.


The guy who built the Osaka Castle is one of the most famous military commanders back at the
time around 16th centuries. His name is Toyotomi Hidayoshi.

He was born as a son of farmer family and became a military commander, so was pretty rare success.

He is known to love GOLD, so you can see gold something in the Osaka Castle.


A glittering Shachihoko and there was a golden tea ceremony room in the castle, made me laugh.

In the souvenir shop, there were Shuriken set attracted me so much, but found out that was made by rubber,I did not buy…. it would be cool if that was made by metal.


We got hungry so gets out the castle and walked back to a nearby station.


Ari having a Teriyaki burger set.
I was pretty curious about the McDonald’s size of food and drinks, but according to Ari,
those size are pretty much the same in Argentina.

Boy when I went to the US, EVERYTHING WAS HUGE. Especially drink!!!
S size there was almost L size here, and L size over there was like served in a bucket, haha!!!!

We saw something similar to a Dog Cafe in the building of IMP (mall).


It says “This is not a Dog Cafe”….. but people were patting dogs…..

Maybe they don’t serve drinks and stuffs??? Was not sure what made them not a dog cafe….

The big white dog sat SO STILL that both Ari and I thought it was an ornament first XDDDDDD.

If you enjoy my blog, leave a comment and make me happy~~~~ <3!

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Sigthseeing Osaka with Ari No.2

Updated on : May 23, 2013



How are you doing~?

Ari must be on plane now on the way back to Argentina.

I hope you are bringing back many wonderful memories with you ^ ^.

OK~ here come the after the Glico man in Shinasaibashi written yesterday.

We went to Hello! Project shop in Osaka. At the H!P shop,

H!P shop


They had a message box

that you can write a message to the members whose birthday is in this month.

I thought it was pretty neat idea for fans to be able to write some messages to their idols.

There were one of the members Ari liked, so wrote a message and put it in the box ^-^.


After a little look around and shop at H!P shop,

we headed to Umeda to go to the Umeda Sky Building.
(For the direction to the Sky Building refer here).

They had this LOOOOOOONNNN escalator from the


The Osaka view from high up and the exhibits they had on the buildings and places in the world with “sky” something were VERY INTERESTING!

I enjoyed much more than I have expected!

On the roof of the Sky Building there was an area for couples where they can put lock on with their names.
Apparently you can bring your own key lock but they also sell them at one floor down from the roof.

These are the locks.

Keys     LoverSanctuary

Says Lover’s sanctuary

It seems that people can have wedding at the Sky Building, saw wedding cake with Sky Building shape
at lower floor of the building.

The set with key lock and a wedding would be a good to have for a couple with some memories with this building.









~~~~ To be continued ~~~~





Sightseeing Osaka with Ari! No.1

Updated on : May 22, 2013


Hello there~!

How are you all doing~?!

I am having a cold and fever~~~~~ hahahaha….. * sigh *


Cannot believe that Ari only has one more day in Japan!

I am so happy that he did so many things in Japan!!! even though he got sick on the next day of his arrival….

you were pushing yourself too hard Ari XD,
anyways I think it is OK since you can get enough rest when you go back <3. Enjoy the very last day today!!

It is already more than a week has passed though, I am writing the day 1 with Ari now! May 14th!!!


In the morning of May 14th,

I woke up assuming that Ari will be in asleep until sometime in the afternoon, getting ready to leave my apartment then found a message from Ari on facebook that he is up XD!

Got ready and head to Namba where Ari was staying all excited :).

Arrived at his hostel “Base Point Osaka” at just around 1pm.

Went up and say hey and we went out to eat.


Lunch at Yoshigyu aka Yoshinoya,

one of the inexpensive Gyudon restaurant.


This is Ari with his very first meal in Japan!!!

Trying chopsticks! Ari says he does not use chopsticks at all in Argentina (he says he has one though XD).

For almost first attempt, you were doing great! I mean from what I see, you did not have any problem using it~~~ yay!!


And then we roam around Namba and Ari took some photos to make his AKB48 fan friends jealous XD.

Where he stayed was just

3-5 minutes from NMB48 theater + AKB48 cafe & shop!!

I am writing this to make his friends hate more, even with larger font  xp xp xp!!! Forgive my evilness Ari XD!!




And then we headed to Shinsaibashi, the next station to Namba
where H!P official shop in Osaka is.

We saw a Gusto restaurant on the way to Shinsaibashi.

Gusto     Cider

It was funny that so many things are related to his idol knowledge.

Gusto restaurant was used for one of the show that was H!P girls were in?!?! I do not remember exactly but the cider on the left above was one of the favorite ciders that one of the H!P girls love XD.

This is Ari and me at the famous Glico spot in Shinsaibashi, Osaka!

The man on the back with running outfit is the Glico man.
This bridge is known as pick up bridge XD.
In Japanese it is called “Hikkake bashi”.


Looks many more things to write~, will just post this here.

More comes later ;)!



Getting ready!

Updated on : May 14, 2013   *  Last modified on : October 14, 2016


Morning, evening everyone out there!

It is 10:40am here, and I am getting ready to leave for Osaka to meet up with Ariel!

Assuming he is still in asleep, must be really tired from the LOOOOOOONG flight & train ride + night out with Robert last night XDDDD. I just could not believe he went out right away all after the long trip more than 30 hours in total haha!

Guess he needs to enjoy every minute :).

Will go to the hostel first to see what Ari is up to then if he is awake will see what to do!

Will meet up Robert as well in the evening at latest at the Reina LovendoR live in Umeda Akaso.

He mentioned that he will be with a girl from Thailand.

I also got to know that Josseline (another French XD) will be in Osaka today with 2 of his friends so might meet up with them today or tomorrow while I will be in Osaka!!

Looks a lot of fun meeting up today and tomorrow!! Excited——— =D!

Count down!!!!

Updated on : May 12, 2013   *  Last modified on : October 14, 2016


It is 6:48am here in Japan and

  Ariel’s air plane will be landing at Narita


  just in an hour!!  At 7:50!!!

I am SO EXCITED to see you Ari——————————–!!!!

Just expressing my excitement and welcoming you here on my blog Ari!!

Looking forward to meeting up with you tomorrow!!!!!



Lunch with Franck!

Updated on : May 8, 2013

Hey hey hoe—!

Hello there! How are you doing today?

Today, I got up at 5:30am which was super early for me (I sometimes go to bed around that time XD),
I just happened to wake up early today so I got up and ate a little and did some work
and at a bit past 9am drove my scooter to Nara station to meet up with Franck from France!

These are the photos we took at lunch.

DSC_0481   DSC_0482

Franck with his meal                                           Me looking super happy with the meal XD,

                            I was very hungry after an hour walk

This restaurant is called Otoya, one of my favorite restaurants.
You can check the menu here if you like! They serve really yummy fooooood!

We ordered set menu of Chicken Katsudon (deep-fried chicken cutlet) and cold udon.


Franck and I have been talking on facebook about his Reina graduation concert ticket (May 21st)
but really did not know that he would come around where I live till around 10 last night XD.

When I was viewing facebook and saw some of his photos that he uploaded last night,
I saw some familiar buildings in Nara so commented
“Are you in Nara now?!?!”….. so we have decided to meet up in like 12 hours later hahaha!
It was super short notice.

We met up at 10am near Nara station.

Since Franck just had breakfast at the guest house where he stayed at,
we have decided to walk around the area a bit.

Franck got some special postal stamps while we were walking to the restaurant.
Japan Post provide special stamps every month, he was saying that he is going to send some postcards to his friends, we stopped by at the post office and bought some stamps.

After lunch, we went back to his guest house and said good bye at the parking lot that I parked my scooter.

However……. I find him again on the way back to my house XDDDD, it was funny that I kind of bumped into him again without really meaning it.

Since we did, we had tea again till his train comes XDDDDD.


It was fun spending time with Franck! Seems he is having gooood time in Japan!!!

I have met THREE FRENCH in past month! In about 30day!

Starting with Sylvain on April 8th, Ethan on April 21st and Franck today!
Usually I get to meat people from other countries only once or twice every YEAR,
but this year and this month was really French month for me lol!!!

I am expecting more to meet soon XDDD!!!! What a year, what a month!!


P.S. For side note~,

If you are considering to come to Nara,
where Franck stayed this time might be a good place for you to stay at as well.

We went back to the place he stayed together after lunch.
The guest house is called guest house tamura.

You can stay at dormitory type of room at 2500yen per night.
Looked pretty reasonable with the clean and nice atmosphere.

Franck said the breakfast was nice (made with the veges that grew in the garden, sounds nice, doesn’t it?! And it was only 300yen).

About 10-15 minutes from the Kintetsu and JR Nara stations and has very good access to the sightseeing spots such as Nara park and Todaiji of Great Buddha. Think it will be a good place to stay :D!