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Live and concert venue info in Japan. The direction, capacity, locker and such.

Osaka Muse Access

Updated on : October 25, 2016


Hello there!


Since Kobushi factory is having their live on Oct 23rd (Sun) and Angerme is having theirs on Oct 30th (Sun) at Osaka Muse, will write about the venue info on the Osaka Muse.

Capacity 350
Nearby station Shinsaibashi
Locker (inside venue) Small : 75, 300yen
(height 29cm x width 23cm x depth 42cm)Midium : 24, 500en
(height 77cm x width 35cm x depth 42cm)
* Has a partition at the middle.
Cloakroom Availbale (500yen, bag size about 90 liter)
Site URL
Address 大阪府大阪市中央区心斎橋筋1-5-6ミューズ389ビル3F
1-5-6 Muse 389 building 3rd floor, Shinsaibashi suji, Chuo ward, Osaka city
Telephone number 06-6245-5389
No. of front row audience
* about word definition,
see this link
9 to 11


5 minutes’ walk from Shinsaibashi station exit No.6 of subway Midosuji line (red subway line).

Follow the green arrow on above map will take you to Osaka Muse.

1) Go up to the ground from exit No.6.

In Shinsaibashi, there are 2 subway lines, Midosuji-line (red line) and Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi-line (yellowish green line) running in.

If you take Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi-line to get to the station, and do not see exit No.6 then try to get to the Midosuji-line (red line) first and find the exit No.6.

Tips: In subway and train stations,

if you look up, you will see directions to the exits and other lines.

You usually see signs like these.


This one shows the direction to the exit 5 and 6.


This one shows the direction to Midosuji Line.

As you can see,

usually there are English written along with Japanese characters so you won’t have much trouble finding your way if you keep checking those signs.

Just keep looking up to check the signs!!

2) Go 2 blocks to the south on Shinsaibashi suji street where a lot of shops and a shopping arcade are.

3) On Suoumachi dori street, you will see a book store on the right so take turn to south (left) there.

4) Walk 1 block and take left (to the north) and you will see Osaka Muse on the left (big green mark at the lower right on the map).

Wrote the simple direction on the map above also so you can just view the map and get to the venue.


You can view the map (in Japanese) on this url:

OK! Hope it will help.

Enjoy the live!!

Nippon Budokan Seat Map

Updated on : May 19, 2013   *  Last modified on : September 11, 2017


Hi there!


Here is an example of the Nippon Budokan seat map,


so you can grasp where you are sitting and what entrance you would need to take or go.

The seat arrangement of Arena seems different from concert to concert,
so this is just a reference basis.

I made this as you can use along with the previous post on direction to Nippon Budokan
which means the west entrance (for Arena and 1F seats) will come to the right as
it was on the direction to Nippon Budokan post as well.

So the person like me do not have to flip over the map sort of things…… hahaha

not sure if this make sense….. anyways, guess there are some that understand  what I mean :p.

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The light brown things on the close up of 1F and 2F, they seem to be stairs.


If you want more detailed seat map

I have one that I downloaded from the Internet with much more details.

I kind of got hesitated to post it since they were fully and well made by someone else.
Looks issue on copyright……?

Leave a comment if you want it, then I will send the file to you ;).



Direction to Nippon Budokan

Updated on : May 19, 2013



Since I know quite many of you are going to Reina graduation concert
at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, I am going ahead and write a post on

direction to the Nippon Budokan

so you can get excited and be prepared :p.

Here is the map from the nearest station.

The orange octagon is the Nippon Budokan on the map below.




The station name that you are getting off at is Kudan-shita station of either

Tokyo Metro “Tozai” line, “Hanzomon” line or subway “Shinjuku” line.

5 minutes walk from the station.

The exit 2 is the nearest exit,
however if it is crowded, you can get out or get in from exit No. 1 and 3 also.

To reach exit No.1 and 3 go up the pedestrian bridge to cross the road.


Have fun!!!!


How to get to the Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo

Updated on : May 18, 2013


Hi! How are you doing?

I know some of you are going to the concerts held at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo
(Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall) tomorrow so thought to make a map to get there.

Since I am not familiar with that area, I used the map I found on the internet as reference.
Should be OK.

Seems there are 6 stations you can get off at depending on what line you are using.

The orange area at the upper left in the map is where you want to go for the concert tomorrow.



1) If you are taking Tokyo Metro “Marunouchi” line,

get off at “Kasumigaseki” station.

3 minutes walk from exit B2.

2) If you are taking Tokyo Metro “Hibiya” or “Chiyoda” line,

get off at “Hibiya” station.

5 minutes walk from exit A14

For “Hibiya” and “Chiyoda” line, you can choose the following 3) and 4) also.

3) If you are taking Tokyo Metro “Hibiya” line,

get off at “Kasumigaseki” station.

4 minutes walk from exit A5

4) If you are taking Tokyo Metro “Chiyoda” line,

get off at “Kasumigaseki” station.

3 minutes walk from exit C4

5) If you are taking Subway “Mita” line,

get off at “Uchi-Saiwai-Cho” station.

3 minutes walk from exit A7

6) If you are taking JR, take either “Yamanote” or “Keihin-Tohoku” line and

get off either at “Shinbashi” or “Yuraku-cho” station.

15 minutes walk from “Hibiya Guchi” exit.

For the transaction from your hotel to the station of the concert hall,

this site (Hyperdia) will probably be useful!! Check it out!


Looks tomorrow will be fine weather but on the concert hall homepage,
it says to bring umbrella or rain coat. It will be outside hall so.

OK! I hope you all aave a great time at the concert!!!




NHK Osaka hall with Ethan, How to get there from JR Osaka

Updated on : April 27, 2013


After eating Soba, Ethan and I walked to the NHK Osaka hall where the Berryz Kobo concerts were to be held on that day, April 21st.

This is Ethan good to go for the concert and me XD.
Ethan wearing Risako, his love’s happi.
Someone’s finger is shown in the pic haha.

DSC_0468  DSC_0469

Now let’s explain how to get to NHK Osaka hall from JR Osaka station, since when some of you come to Japan and go to NHK Osaka hall, you probably come from JR Osaka station :).

******** Instruction from JR Osaka to NHK Osaka hall ********

The nearest station from NHK Osaka hall is called “Tanimachi yon cho-me (Tanminachi 4 cho-me)“.
It is a subway station.

(1) When you get to JR Osaka station, you need to find a subway station called Higashi-umeda.
“Higashi-umeda” is a station on subway called Tanimachi line.
If you ask for either “Higashi-umeda” station or Tanimachi line, most probably people will help you out to get there.

(2) If you find the “Higashi-umeda” station, buy a ticket and go to platform 1,
which heads for Minami-morimachi, Temmabashi, Tanimachi, Tennoji and Yaominami.
Tanimachi 4 cho-me would be the 3rd stop (after Minami-morimachi and Temmabashi) if there will not be some new stations made between them in the future :p. It takes only about 6 minutes.

(3) If you get to Tanimachi yon cho-me station, look for exit No.9.
Once you get out from the exit No.9,  you will see the NHK Osaka hall right outside!


This is Ethan and I inside the NHK Osaka hall.


It was the first time for me to go to the H!P concert venue.
I talked to some of the Japanese wota people, hehe.
Many Japanese wota recognized Ethan and approached to say hey. There was also a guy from Seattle, USA!
It is quite amazing that they have a lot of fans all over the world!!! The Japanese that I talked to, he said he also follows Berryz abroad when they have tour oversea!!

I asked him “so you must be like working for Berryz Kobo, aren’t you”
and he replied “YES” looking very satisfied with my question.

This site called Jorudan is probably good to use when you want to know how long it takes to get from one point to another or how much it cost etc. I usually use Japanese version of this site and this is really handy.