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Ikuta Erina autograph chance!

Updated on : October 7, 2016   *  Last modified on : October 25, 2016


Hello there!


Ikuta Erina’s new photobook “Erina” will be published on Oct 22nd!

e-LineUP! is having a special extra for those who placed the pre-order.

The extra are

1) L size photo (A or B)

2) chance to win her autograph + your name on the photobook

Sugoi ne (super)?!?!


Order due (for the autograph chance): Oct 12th


If you want to order though me,

leave comment here with the following information.


1) email address (so I can make your own account in case of winning the autograph)

2) your choice of the extra L size photo (A or B)

For the photo choice, see the e-LineUP! page.

3) Your name in Family name, Given name order


My fee excluding the shipping is 1,000yen.

So the first payment will be 4,600yen (600yen is the inside Japan shipping).



Wani Special Mano Erina Calendar 2017

Updated on : September 23, 2016   *  Last modified on : October 17, 2016




Wanibooks Special Edition” is having

Mano Erina 2017 calendar with 2 special extra!

1) an extra photo

2) Your name will be signed (by Erina I reckon)

    on the calendar for lucky 80 people

If you are interested in ordering and want to order through me

leave comment here!

Calendar photos are covered past 10 years after she joined Hello! Project egg ^_^ <3!

My fee is 1,000yen (4,300yen in total).

The order due to apply for the signing extra is Sept 30th!

I will make an account for you to place the order to make sure your name will be on the calendar on winning!

Feel free to let me know if you want to order something else.


There are also Seven Eleven special edition.

Check here for the details.

You will get 2 extra photo.

One of the photos is the Seven Eleven special edition.

H!P CD release event

Updated on : September 5, 2016   *  Last modified on : October 11, 2016


Hi there!

I have asked about Hello! Project release event so am writing about that today.

There are release event normally held on the weekend of a new single release.

They usually listed on Hello! Project Official site’s event section.

H!P CD release event

Need to check the site for the detail of the event though,

mini live (most of the time seems free to watch), talk show, handshake and cheki (photo shooting with idol(s)) are the popular event type.

For most of the events, you can pre-order online at site called such as forTUNE or Pony Canyon (for Angerme and Juice=Juice).

There are events that related to certain CD shops and you need to be at the shop to get the event ticket.

Anyways all the details should be found on the H!P official site event section.


If you want to attend the event and need help, leave a comment at this post ;).

For my fee structure, check my service page. It is basically 20% of your purchase + all the necessary fee.


C-ute Saitama Arena ticket 2017

Updated on : September 1, 2016   *  Last modified on : September 4, 2016

Hello there.

I have asked about the C-ute last concert ticket that will be held next June (June 2017) at Saitama Super Arena.
He wanted to know if I can help him.

So I will share the reply to his question here.

There are several ways though, these are 2 most recommended.

1)  Buy a FC ticket on Yahoo auction

     (the biggest Japanese auction site) when the fan club lottery result comes out.

     This is usually sometime 3-6 months before the concert.

     At this time the seat number is not known.

2) Buy a FC ticket on Yahoo auction

     around 2 weeks prior to the concert when the ticket is shipped to the FC

     members so the auctions are with seat number.

Here is the link to the Yahoo auction result keyword

C-ute Saitama Arena FC

so if you see tickets come out and want to ask me to get hold a ticket for you, you can leave comment here :).

Any questions, feel free to leave comments.
OK! Later!!

Related posts:”C-ute SSA ticket 2017 How much?” and “C-ute SSA ticket 2017 Buying process


P.S. Have asked whether to become

the H!P fan club member and enter the FC lottery is the best way.

Here is what I think.

Those big concert such as disbanding and popular member graduation,


For the Buono! reuniting concert last month (August 25th 2016),
I went for the FC lottery with 3 memberships for my friends and just won 1.

It costs 6,100yen (without any fee) to just join the FC

so I think it might be better to put that 6,100yen for the bidding money.

The decision is all yours so if you want to become the FC member and enter the lottery, I can help you with that also. For those people contact me quick since the FC lottery usually be held 3-6 months prior to the concert, and it takes a month or a month and a half to become the member after the payment to join so I believe

you would want to join the FC in September 2016

or top October to be safe :).

Oh, one more thing.

If you are already the H!P FC member then you should go for the lottery since you do not have to pay that 6,100yen.

In that case, I can help you also.

So let me know when the FC will have the lottery (should be sometime between Dec 2016 ~ March 2017).

LoVendoЯ “Kono yoni~” lyrics trans

Updated on : August 21, 2013



Hi there!

How are you doing?


I have been thinking about having YouTube channel on Japanese lesson,

have not done anything yet, well trying to learn how to use

the Windows Media Player and such to carry it out but not done much yet :p.


For those who are interested in learning Japanese, stay tune ;D!!

Using lyrics is one good way to do the Japanese lesson.

This is my first trial on that.

Have translated the lyrics of Reina new band LoVendoЯ

“Kono Yo ni Shinjitsu no Ai ga Hitotsudake arunara” lyrics.


Don’t think it is a good idea to paste Japanese lyrics on copy right law, so just

pasting the English translation here!

Thanks for the idea Jet and Smaui~!



Passion, you can kiss me the way you want

(I Love You)

Fashion, you can be eccentric as you wish

(Love You More)


The night a bird shed tears with sadness

Cus she cannot fly the sky


Passion, burn the flame

(I Love You)

Tension, the love like the tensioned string

(Love You More)


Get on a cloud

I will be there

Hold you as I did in the dream


If there is one true love in this world

That is the love

I give to you


If there is one false of me

That is me who says I don’t miss you

At the night I do not see you

Pretend to be tough, Tonight


Passion, you can be selfish as you want

(I Love You)

Passion, you can be sexy as you wish

(Love You More)


Woke up with the strong wind at night

Suddenly worried about you


If there is one true love in this world

That is my love that connected to you


If there will be a false tomorrow in this world

I will not end today

Tonight I will hold you forever, Tonight




If you have any suggestion on Japanese Lesson

on YouTube that I am thinking about,

let me know via comment, PM or whatever~!


I am still thinking about it so. Thank you!




Ayaya married with w-inds. vocalist

Updated on : August 4, 2013   *  Last modified on : November 14, 2016






I just saw this news on online news!


Ayaya, Matsuura Aya from Hello! Project

got married with the vocalist of w-inds today!


Congratulations Ayaya and Keita Tachibana!


Looks they are having a small wedding in Hawaii with family and close friends after October.


Both of them their debut in 2001 so know each other for 12 years.

Happy wedding~~~~!!!



Fee for joining H!P or M-Line club

Updated on : August 3, 2013   *  Last modified on : December 1, 2016



Hi there~.

Since the conversation on fee to join H!P and M-Line FC going on in Idol!Swap,

I am just updating my blog on it.


Probably there are other people want to know about this too ne?


You would need someone with Japanese address to help you to get in the fanclub

if you are living outside Japan.

The page on explaining on the fee is here for H!P and here for M-Line.

The fee is basically the same for both fanclub.

There are two parts of the payment.



1) Initial fee (only need to pay for the first year) — 1,000yen

2) Annual fee — 5,100yen

6,100yen in total for the first year. 5,100yen from the second year.



There are 3 types of membership,

junior membership,

normal membership,

special membership.

Since junior membership is for a kid up to 6th grade,

and special membership you would require ID check to get the special credit card,

you do need to have actual ID with Japanese address so if you do not live in Japan

this one is impossible to get as far as I know.

So the above fee listed above is for the normal membership ;).

Any further question, feel free to ask!

With my address, I already have 3 membership for H!P and 2 membership with M-Line.

My fee would be 1,220yen to help you getting the membership


I do not make more than 3 membership on my address since I hear the rumor that

FC would eliminate your membership by having many memberships registered with one

address since they assume you are a ticket broker.


At this moment, only one room available for M-Line.

The second amendment is here below.

Before editing, I had 3 more rooms for H!P and 4 more rooms for M-Line with with

my brother’s address but since he lives far away and

me unable to get the newsletters from FC, I would hold it.

If I ever find somebody who can help me out with this close to where I live, I will open the offer again.

Sorry about that. Those who has contacted me on it, is the exception.

I can register you with my brother’s address and if I ever find other help,

will change your registration address to whoever that help us out!




Oda Sakura FC limited Web radio

Updated on : May 30, 2013



This is for those who has Hello! Project FC membership.

Between May 30th 21:00 and June 6th 21:00, Oda Sakura’ vol.2 web radio talk will be
on air at this url (FC member only m(. . )m).

You will be directed to the screen to put your ID and password.

For current Japanese time, check out this site.

It is 13:20 so it will be like in 7 hours and 40 minutes =).