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Article on YAJ search option and stuffs with advanced user

Auto Extension on YAJ

Updated on : January 5, 2014



Happy New Year everyone!!!


How are you starting the year 2014?

I am having a nice start with one of my friendswedding announcement and all!!


OK! I will explain about

the Auto Extension function (Jidou Encho) on Yahuoku today.

I believe eBay do not have a function like this though,

on Yahuoku there is a function called

自動延長 (Jidou Encho) which the auction ending time will be extended

if the bid was raised in last 5 minutes.

In most of the auctions the sellers set this, but few do not.

To see if this is set or not, you can check on the auction page at the column

自動延長 (see the screen shot below with red square).


This one says 自動延長 :あり

this means it does extend the ending time if the bid was raised in the last 5 minutes.

This auto extension will last until the bid will stop.

So if someone else raise the bid on the last 5 minutes of the extended time,

the ending time will be extended again by 5 minutes.



If the auction is not set the auto extension then you would see

the red squared part on above as

自動延長 : なし


this means no auto extension.

Hope this will help!!


Have a nice day~~~~~~!



AUCFAN, Minimizing Your Winning Bid

Updated on : April 1, 2013

Hello everyone :).

When you try to buy stuffs on auction, sometimes you just get so heated up with other bidders and just keep bidding up. That is part of the fun on auctioning, but at the same time if you are the buyer side, you want to buy it in a low price.

So today, I will introduce you the site named “aucfan“.

On this site, you can check the average winning price on the items you are after.

Click here and go to the aucfan site. You will be seeing something like this below.


1) At first, choose the green tab on the site saying “落札相場 (average winning price)”
where the red arrow is on the above screen shot.

2) The red square in above picture is where you put the keyword(s).

Let say you are after
Tanaka Reina’s birthday event DVD “Otsukareina Kai”
(someone has just asked me to look for this DVD yesterday, so using this as an example XD).

So let’s put 「田中れいな おつかれいな会 DVD (Tanaka Reina Otsukareina kai DVD)」
(to find the right searching keyword in Japanese, check out here)
for the keyword and

3) press the search button where the red circle on above the picture.

It will show you the list of the item’s winning price and the date of the auction ended.


You can see the winning prices, number of the bidders and the ended date.

By checking this site, you can see if the item you are after is likely to be put up again, how much the winning price likely to be and etc.

Hope the info is helpful~~~ :).
P.S. Sakura flower (cherry blossom) near my place is already starting to fall (;_:).
Sakura has such a short life. It only started to bloom on March 21st.
I remember it since it was the day I felt chilly and got cold, haha f(^^;.

This is the photo I took on Saturday March 30th which was on its peak.

This one below is the one I took today.


As you can probably see there are the green leaves between flowers.
That comes out after the flower fall, so the flowers are already falling.
We call Sakura with green leaf “Hazakura” meaning leaf sakura.
It is pretty too, but start seeing those meaning the flower is just going to go to fall until everything is gone, so kind of sad……

OR option on searching YAJ

Updated on : March 20, 2013

If you click here, you will be lead to the Yahoo Auction Japan page.
Something like this one below.


Where the red square and the arrow on the above picture is where you put your keyword(s). A glass looking icon is where you press for search after putting your keyword(s).

If you want to look for let say “Morning Musume Pinup”, then you put that keyword in Japanese.

You can use google translator for the translation.


When you put in a search window, you need to put space between “Morning Musume” and “Pinup” like this one below.


On the google translation it will come out without the space.

With or without the period(.) after the Musume, you will get almost the same result.
I did it now with and without, without had a result more than with :p.

Now if you want to search for certain idol’s Pinups,
let say “Tanaka Reina” and “Kamei Eri” you can of course search for “Tanaka Reina” and “Pinup” once and then “Kamei Eri” and “Pinup” next, but if you want to do it at once then you can use bracket.

If you use bracket as “(Tanaka Reina Kamei Eri) Pinup” for the keyword then you will get the combination of “Tanaka Reina” and “Pinup” OR “Kamei Eri” and “Pinup”.

In another word, the keyword out of the bracket is used as must be included keyword

but the keywords in the bracket are used for including this one or another.


You can of course use this for like Morning Musume “CD” and “goods” if you are looking for either of them etc.

Hope this will help~!!

Probably tomorrow, I will write on searching WITHOUT option ;).
Keep checking!!