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Updated on : May 25, 2013


Hello! It is Saturday and sunny here!

It is HOT feels like summer already today.

Although we have idols, manga, kimono etc those well known stuffs in Japan,


I would want to say!


must be one of the BEST in the world XDDDD


Family Massage Chair

This is the massage chair Ari tried, made by a company called FAMILY.

This company solely make massage chair and this machine does really good job!!

When Ari and I walked around visiting Osaka castle, Namba Parks big shopping complex in Namba
and all tired up, I saw a big electric shop besides the Namba Parks and suggested Ari to go get
a goooood massage by a massage chair and we did XDDDD.

If you ever gets tired walking around and wants to get good massage FREE lol,
you should find a big electric store and find a massage chair section.
Your body would feel light after the massage and your eyes would be cleared up.

You should try it. * angel’s voice *  ahaha!

Here are some photos of Namba Parks shopping complex building.

NambaParks2 NambParks1

The area is pretty big and looks like almost a small city (at least to me)!



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